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#1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author


JUNE 4, 2024

November 1, 2002


Hometown Heartbreakers, Book No. 1501

With years of heartbreak between them, can Kari find the courage to stand by the lawman she's always loved?

Eight years after she skipped town on the eve of her engagement, Kari Asbury briefly revisited sleepy Possum Landing, certain she'd encounter the handsome, upstanding lawman whose love once thrilled - and intimidated - her teenage heart. Still, she never expected to stumble into a bank robbery and meet Sheriff Gage Reynolds at gunpoint!

Gage's forceful gaze captivated Kari. His gallant rescue riveted her. His earthy, uppright appeal enthralled her. All male, Gage was everything a woman - no longer a girl - could want. But with years of heartbreak…and untold secrets…between them, could Kari find the courage to stand by the man she'd always loved?

Best Bride, The Marriage on Demand Father in Training Part-Time Wife Holly and Mistletoe Husband by the Hour Good Husband Material Completely Smitten One in a Million Quinn's Woman

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