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Susan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling authorSusan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling author


Under Her Skin

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The Lone Star Sisters - Book 1
May 2009

Heiress engaged to marry playboy!

Lexi Titan can just see the headlines.  All of Titanville, Texas, will be buzzing, and wondering why.  Not that she has any other choice.  Faced with exactly thirty days to come up with two million dollars in cold, hard cash, she is out of options.  Marry Cruz Rodrigues or lose everything—the day spa she built herself, her tyrant of a father’s respect.  And the long-standing competition with her sisters for the family business.

The proposal is cold and hard.  Cruz has money, success, smoldering good looks—everything but the blue blood needed to become a true member of Texas society.  If Lexi agrees to be his fiancée for six months, lending him her famous father’s last name and his snobbish connections, he’ll hand her a check on the spot.  And in six months they’ll go their separate ways.

But neither one is prepared for their long-ago shared passion to throw a wrench into what would seem to be the perfect deal…

Even Texas isn’t big enough for this family.