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Susan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling authorSusan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling author

Happily Inc

Happily Inc. is an oasis-like town of about 50,000 people in the southern California desert country, not far from Palm Springs. In the 1950s, the town was dying. Frank Dineen, the brash young owner of the local bank, worried about the future of his seven little daughters, so he made up a fairy tale to sell to the press. He told the world that in the 1880s, a stagecoach filled with mail-order brides broke down in Happily Inc. While they waited for the coach to be fixed, each bride fell in love with a local boy. When the stagecoach left for San Diego, none of them were on it because they had all married the men they loved.

And they lived… wait for it… happily ever after. To learn more about Happily Inc, visit

Mischief Bay

Welcome to Mischief Bay, a coastal town in Los Angeles County, California. Against this quirky beach town backdrop, sympathetic yet flawed people deal with real-world situations. Told with Mallery's trademark emotion and wit, the Mischief Bay stories reveal the secrets in people's hearts and just might make you look at your own life in a new way.

To learn more about Mischief Bay, visit

Fool's Gold is the Destination for Romance. This charming small town, set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, is know for its friendliness, its festivals and its strong sense of community. Despite the man shortage, there seems to be plenty of romance to be found. All of it fun, much of it complicated! To learn more about Fool’s Gold and to enjoy between-the-books updates on the characters from the books, go to!

Fool's Gold Year 1

Fool's Gold Year 2

Fool's Gold Year 3

Fool's Gold Year 4

Fool's Gold Year 5

Fool's Gold Year 6

Fool's Gold Year 7

Blackberry Island

Blackberry Island… where life is sweet. But even so, sometimes a woman has to struggle to find that sweetness and to earn her happy ending. The Blackberry Island trilogy features emotional stories of women’s friendships and the problems that women face today, told with Mallery’s trademark wit.

Visit for free bonus content and behind-the-scenes insight into the quaint island town.

The Marcelli Family

For the Marcelli family of California wine country, the season is ripe for romance! In the boisterous Marcelli household, fine wine and good food are celebrated… and so is true love. The Marcellis began as a warm, witty, and stunningly sensual trilogy for three Marcelli sisters – The Sparkling OneThe Sassy One, and The Seductive One. Then Susan succumbed to readers’ pleas for stories for brother Joe and sister Mia—The Marcelli Bride and The Marcelli Princess.

The Lone Star Sisters

There’s trouble brewing in Texas for the Titan women and their best friend, deputy Dana Birch. In a series that Susan describes as “Dallas meets Sex and the City,” someone is out for revenge against the Titan family. But who … and for what? Booklist says the Lone Star Sisters series is “emotionally satisfying and thoroughly engaging.”

The Bakery Sisters

“Amusing, heartfelt, and wildly romantic,” according to Joyfully Reviewed, the Bakery Sisters romances feature estranged sisters who must get past a lifetime of hurt in order to save their Seattle bakery. They never expected to find true love along the way. Debbie Macomber calls Susan “a real treat!”

The Buchanan Saga

Welcome to the intriguing, exciting, and sexy world of the Buchanan family. Yes, those Buchanans – the ones with the fabulous yet troubled restaurant in the amazing city of Seattle, Washington. Publishers Weekly says the Buchanan family romances are “Mallery at her addictive best!” Booklist describes the series as “at turns witty and poignant.”

The Desert Rogues

Because Bethany from A VERY MERRY PRINCESS was first seen as a child in THE SHEIK'S SECRET BRIDE, Harlequin has decided to reissue all of the Desert Rogues books in ebook format, with stunning new covers that perfectly capture the world of luxury in the stories. The Desert Rogues are handsome, imperious, intelligent, wealthy, wild princes who will be tamed by strong, confident women. The books are pure romps, with fabulous palaces in exotic countries. The Desert Rogues series is one of my most popular. If you missed these books when they first came out, I hope you'll give them a try. Or for those of you who remember these gorgeous men, now's your chance to get them on your ereader.