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JUNE 4, 2024

Posted March 25, 2024

Dear Reader,

It’s nine months to Christmas!!! But only a little over six months until the release of quite possibly my favorite Christmas book that I’ve ever written, One Big Happy Family, which will be out on October 1. It’s funny and painful and heartwarming and family-affirming, and just everything I love from a great story. I was filled with joy as I wrote, and I think that comes through on the page.

This is such a special story that it deserved a really fun cover, which I’m thrilled to debut today. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Please don’t come home for Christmas. . .

Julie Parker’s kids are her greatest gift. Still, she’s not exactly heartbroken when they ask to skip a big Christmas. Her son Nick is taking a belated honeymoon with his bride Blair while her daughter Dana will purge every reminder of the guy who dumped her. Again. Julie feels practically giddy for one-on-one holiday time with Heath, the (much) younger man she’s secretly dating.

But her plans go from cozy to chaotic when Nick and Dana plead for Christmas at the family cabin in memory of their late father, Julie’s ex. She can’t refuse, even though she dreads their reactions to her new man when they realize she’s been hiding him for months.

As the guest list grows in surprising ways, from Blair’s estranged mom to Heath’s precocious children, Julie’s secret is one of many to be unwrapped. Over this delightfully complicated and very funny Christmas, she’ll discover that more really is merrier, and that a big, happy family can become bigger and happier, if they let go of old hurts and open their hearts to love.

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I just *love* seeing my three 2024 book covers side by side! Won’t these look beautiful on your bookshelf?



This summer, three friends find the courage to step into the next chapter of their lives...

The rules of summer book club are simple:

  • No sad books
  • No pressure
  • Yessssss, wine!

Besties Laurel and Paris are excited to welcome Cassie to the group. This year, the book club is all about fill-your-heart reads, an escape from the chaos of the everyday—running a business, raising a family, juggling a hundred to-dos. Even the dog is demanding (but the bestest boy).

Since Laurel’s divorce, she feels like the Worst Mom Ever. Her skepticism of men may have scarred her vulnerable daughters. Cassie has an unfortunate habit of falling for ridiculous man-boys who dump her once she fixes them. Paris knows good men exist. She’s still reeling after chasing off the only one brave enough—and foolish enough—to marry her.

Inspired by the heroines who risk everything for fulfillment, Laurel, Paris and Cassie begin to take chances—big chances—in life, in love. Facing an unwritten chapter can be terrifying. But it can be exhilarating, too, if only they can find the courage to change.

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery comes an unforgettable tale about finding friendship with the unlikeliest person…

As the owner of Twisted, Seattle’s best salons, Erica knows that the sharpest cuts come from the people we love. She’s terrified that she’s losing her teen daughter to her “other” family. Summer disdains Erica’s career as shallow, and she's growing close to her stepmom, Allison.

All it takes to blow up Allison’s happy life is one collect call. From prison. Her beloved husband, Peter, has been arrested, leaving Allison pregnant, scared and alone with a toddler, with no money for rent or, hey, food. Her stepdaughter ferrets out the truth and rushes to the last person Allison wants to ask for help—her husband’s battle-ax ex.

Erica would do anything for Summer, even take in the woman her daughter loves like a second mom and her adorable son. Allison feels intimidated by Erica’s strength and success. Erica would never let herself become so dependent on a man. But the more time they spend together, the more Allison realizes what Erica truly needs is a friend. Can two women who married the same man move beyond their complicated past and rethink what it means to be family?

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Wishing a Happy Easter to my readers who celebrate it! 

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