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Reviews for KISS ME, FOOL'S GOLD BOOK 19

4.5 Stars HOT! “Both heart-tugging and memorable...Bravo!”

- RT Book Reviews

Reviews for HOLD ME, FOOL'S GOLD BOOK 18

4.5 stars! "The warmth and humor found in Mallery's charming tales make her books definite mood elevators...As the oldest daughter of two country-western legends who between them have been married in the double digits, Destiny wants nothing to do with the emotional rollercoaster of love...Fool’s Gold is about to test her resolve."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery imbues her 19th visit to the town of Fool’s Gold, Calif. (after Until We Touch), with folksy charm and family drama."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "Hold Me was SO ROMANTIC! There was just something about Destiny’s vulnerability and Kipling’s Mr. fix-it attitude...I fell completely in love with them."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"From the beginning of the book you can see the chemistry between Kipling and Destiny from when they first meet each other. I loved Destiny’s views on sex. It was absolutely hilarious."

She drew in a breath. “You’re going to want sex, aren’t you?” He did his best not to smile. “Yes, I am.” ”A lot?” “It depends on your definition of a lot.” She nodded, as if she’d expected the answer. “I’m not going to like it, but you can do it whenever you want. I won’t say no.” Now he did smile. “Thank you for that.”
- Romance at Random  FULL REVIEW

"I just love traveling back to Fools Gold...HOLD ME is a story about dysfunctional families, connection and relationships. Destiny is running from her true calling, but that's not all she's running from. I love the conversations between characters, as they are always so open and honest."

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "I really enjoyed the journey with both of them as they overcome their pasts and forge a relationship in true Fool’s Gold style...This is a great read and I enjoyed every moment of it."

- Veena, The Good, the Bad, and the Unread  FULL REVIEW

"Each book gets better than the last...Destiny is looking for a sensible relationship, no feelings involved. Kipling is just out for a good time...It’s always a pleasure to walk down the streets of Fool’s Gold!"

- Jac, Two Moms Reading  FULL REVIEW

"It was great to visit with the girls at Jo’s Bar…it is always a good time catching up on the gossip. Love this town – Ms. Mallery brings together family and community with flawless writing."

- Heather Coulter, Books Books and More Books  FULL REVIEW

"As always my trip to Fool’s Gold is meet with a roller coaster of emotions. Highs, lows , happy, sad, unsure and really wanting to throw some plates. But Ms. Mallery has a way of bring together all those emotions into a great story that will leave you wanting to keep turning the page when you reach the end."

- Kelly, Books N Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"Another winner from Susan much as a story about siblings as it is a traditional love story. It is heartwarming to see how Destiny and Starr develop their relationship."

- Mysteries Etc  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery put an authentic voice to husbands and brothers who want to appear macho while staying out of the proverbial doghouse. Well done, as always, and I can’t wait for the next book."

- Calliope, Random Book Muses  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Mallery’s books are entertaining, romantic, sexy and sweet. I can’t get enough of Fool’s Gold. I can’t get enough of Susan Mallery."

- Parajunkee's Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"The characters were all multifaceted as usual and had many layers to them that needed to be peeled back in order to get to know them...Watching them get to know each other as well as their new town and its inhabitants was heartwarming but often heart-wrenching as well."

- JoAnne, Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

"It’s no wonder neither Destiny nor Kipling think they can have a normal relationship – they don’t think they are capable because it was never modeled by the adults in their lives...I’m hooked. I recommend this book to fans of the Fool’s Gold series, small town romance, and Susan Mallery.

- Bookfan Mary  FULL REVIEW

"[T]he path of love is never easy, and convincing Destiny to open her heart is a challenge that Kip wants to win…forever. Another nice and enticing love story weaved by Susan Mallery, in the dazzling town of Fool’s Gold."

- Romancing Life  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Destiny has an innocence about her that is really quite endearing. Her background has left her both 'wise to the ways of the world' and 'innocent to the realities of love and emotion.'...Hold Me is a great return to Fools Gold for 2015!"

- Nancy, All Romance Reader  FULL REVIEW

"As always a very enjoyable romance filled with laughter and love."

- Pat, the Book Queen's Palace  FULL REVIEW


"Once again, Susan Mallery has created an inviting world that envelops her readers’ senses and sensibilities. It’s not just a tale of how true friendship can lift you up, but also how change is an integral part of life...Fans of Jodi Picoult, Debbie Macomber, and Elin Hilderbrand will assuredly fall for THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY.”

- Bronwyn Miller, BookReporter  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery skillfully depicts three very different women in different stages of their romantic relationships who enter into unbreakable friendships... will appeal to fans of women's fiction, especially such friendship books as Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club."

- Shelly Mosely, Booklist  FULL REVIEW

"Romance superstar Mallery begins a new women's fiction series with a novel that is both heart-wrenching and warmhearted... A discerning, affecting look at three women facing surprising change and the powerful and uplifting impact of friends."

- Kirkus Reviews  FULL REVIEW

“Fresh and engaging… There’s a generational subtext that mirrors reality and the complexities of adult relationships…filled with promise of a new serial that’s worth following.”

- Jean Marie Brown, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  FULL REVIEW

THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY is a Best Book of the Month in Romance!

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Mallery’s series debut is an emotional lesson in triumphs and tragedies told in her iconic eloquent style...Her exceptional handling of the climactic hard knocks and joyful events, and her tiny canine co-star, rocked."

- Debbie Haupt, RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"You will become totally invested in each of these characters and their struggles and root for a happy ending. Can't wait for the next installment from Ms. Mallery and THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY!"

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"...readers will experience a number of 'I totally get that' moments as the story unfolds...Each woman learns, in her own way, that change brings with it growth and resilience."

- Julia Tagan, Romance at Random  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "If you are a fan of women’s fiction novels that feature characters who evoke affection and sympathy, you should definitely add this one to your list... Susan Mallery is one of my auto-buy authors; The Girls of Mischief Bay joins my extensive collection of Mallery keepers."

- Janga, the Romance Dish

Grade: A "...a beautiful story about life and love and choices set in a beautiful part of Southern California... I find myself transported into the different stages of my own life as I rejoiced with them, cried with them, and laughed with them."

- Veena, The Good, the Bad, and the Unread  FULL REVIEW

"Heartwarming and poignant, this first installment in Susan Mallery’s Mischief Bay series is a very emotional story that is sure to appeal to readers of all ages... a very endearing and heartfelt novel that will leave readers impatiently the next book in this delightful new series."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"The Girls of Mischief Bay was a poignant and realistic view of life. It involves three good friends, Nicole, Shannon, and Pam, who are all dealing with different trials and challenges in their lives. Yet, through all of their ups and downs, they know that they can always lean on each other. This story made me think of my own close friends, and how important it is to not take them for granted.'

- A Bookish Escape  FULL REVIEW

"A wonderful journey of life’s trials and tribulations, and the friendships that will hold the pieces together. The Girls of Mischief Bay is a wonderful start to a new series by Susan Mallery.'

- The Reading Cafe  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this book – every page. I was so drawn into the lives of these women that I literally felt the joy and pain that each of them felt. The Girls of Mischief Bay will take you on an emotional journey with three women who you won’t soon forget. Highly recommended!"

- Peeking between the Pages  FULL REVIEW

5 Flowers! "I love Susan Mallery. She creates characters that you really want to know. The friends in this book are the kind we all wish we had. They are lovable and flawed. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you want to shake them... if you don't get a few chuckles out of the weekend getaway [Pam] has with her hubby, well, you have no sense of humor!"

- A Chick who Reads  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "At times I wanted to shake one or two of them, but like in real life it all takes time and things begin to change as time goes by. For each of these women it was a facing of the end of one way of life and the beginning of something new. Another stage in life - and with that comes loss and grief, insecurity and being totally thrown. It also makes way for something new."

- Book Date  FULL REVIEW

"If you have not read any of Susan Mallery’s books you really need to... Things don’t end up like any of them think they will and they become better friends and stick together through all of the changes. When this comes out in February make sure you pick up a copy of it."

- Kaisy Daisy's Corner  FULL REVIEW

"Great first book in a new series!"

- Mysteries Etc  FULL REVIEW

"This is the first book in Susan Mallery's newest series, Mischief Bay and I loved it!!!...It's more of an emotional read than just that happily-ever-after read that I find with the Fool's Gold series. That's not to say that there aren't some humorous scenes in the book, because of course there are - quite a few, in fact. But the balance it just perfect."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

Kat's pick of the week! "terrific...a three-fold story braided into something strong."


"The Girls of Mischief Bay was my first experience with Susan Mallery’s writing and boy am I hooked...[Mallery] is in a league of her own—her writing flows effortlessly and her characters are smart, relatable and easy to root for. Female readers are likely to find many parallels between their own friendships and the bonds that unite Nicole, Pam and Shannon."

- Vera Pereskokova, Luxury Reading  FULL REVIEW

4.5/5 stars! "This book was such an emotional, realistic roller coaster ride, and I certainly had to wipe my tears away throughout a good portion of the book. The characters are wonderfully written and well-fleshed out, and the situations they go through are heart-wrenchingly real. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporary women’s fiction that is well written and deftly plotted."

- Bewitched Bookworms  FULL REVIEW

Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel "Overall, this book made me appreciate the female friendships in my life and how often the women that I surround myself with help me get through some of life's speedbumps; sometimes they have the best solutions!"

- Kritters Ramblings  FULL REVIEW

4.5/5 stars! "Real, emotional, and engaging...equally heartwarming and heartbreaking. Great for readers who love an emotional journey and characters who stick with you."

- Mom in Love with Fiction  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A+ "With the wit and compassion always displayed in a Susan Mallery experience, The Girls of Mischief Bay will have you laughing and crying throughout."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"It was at times a sad tale but in the end managed to become a truly inspiring story of perseverance and the true power of friendship."

- Bonnie, For the Love of Words  FULL REVIEW

"...a wonderful and touching story that I enjoyed from beginning to end."

- Read-Love-Blog  FULL REVIEW

"Full of laughter, tears and love, The Girls of Mischief Bay is a memorable, must read."

- Andrea Kennedy, Buzz Feed  FULL REVIEW

5 Ravens! "LOVED IT! Susan Mallery is a mastermind at penning compelling, heart-wrenching stories with complex, engaging characters who draw you into their world so completely that by the time you reach the end of the book, you feel like old friends... The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery is an amazing story and definitely one of the best I’ve read so far in 2015."

- AJ, Blackraven's Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This book. Oh I loved it...I was able to identify with each woman and to really feel her pain...Definitely an A in my book!"

- Why Girls Are Weird  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Loved it! I've been craving another heartfelt series...Susan Mallery has a knack for writing women's friendships, real women with heartaches, insecurities, strengths and flaws."

- The Eclectic Reader  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 apples! "Mallery did a great job of portraying the friendship that can exist between women, while also showing readers that you can redefine your life at any age...A great start to a new series!"

- Debbie's Book Bag  FULL REVIEW

"Did I need tissues--you bet I did but there were fun times portrayed as well. This book is definitely well worth the read."

- Miki's Hope  FULL REVIEW

"With a great cast of characters, a story that will have you laughing one minute and crying another, Susan Mallery shows you that no matter what life throws at you, it’s always easier to tackle when you have good friends by your side. An absolute must read! I can’t think of a better book to start off 2015 than The Girls of Mischief Bay."

- Marlene Engel, Book Mama Blog  FULL REVIEW

"The biggest impression that The Girls of Mischief Bay left on me is that we don’t have to do it all, alone. Our girlfriends are there for us, and will be there for us if (or when) we need to admit that everything isn’t all hunky-dory, which somehow makes it a little bit easier to bear the load... Drey's rating: Excellent!"

- Drey's Library  FULL REVIEW

"[A] story centered on three unlikely friends as they journey through some of life’s toughest trials together against the backdrop of a California coastal town...A 2015 Must Read Book for Spring!"


"This book will grab hold and make you think deep thoughts like; I have been there before or I can see something like that happening to me. I have no doubt that women everywhere will relate to at least one of these ladies and maybe even all of them in some way or another."

- A Few of My Favorite Reads  FULL REVIEW


"Fans of the Fool’s Gold series are going to love this sweet and sigh-worthy love story that brings together two favorite characters in this captivating series... another warm and entertaining addition to a beloved series that I highly recommend."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"...everything that a reader could wish for, just in time to spend another holiday season at Fool’s Gold with its thanksgiving parade and its nativity featuring elephants and goats and, above all, featuring the warmth and love of friends and family."

- The Good, the Bad and the Unread  FULL REVIEW


"Loved it... [Molly] was the kind of heroine I wanted to wrap up in tissue paper and put in my pocket. She was sweet, caring, devoted, and gentle, all wrapped up in a set of steel nerves."

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

"THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING RING has Susan Mallery's trademark emotional punch... another example of how deft Susan Mallery is at creating classic love stories."

- Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

Kelly: "I loved this story. It was a quick and sweet read."
Kimberly: "Mallery’s story reminds us to live in the moment, do not take anything for granted and to enjoy what you have because you never know when it will be taken away... not to be missed."

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"[A] heartwarming romance sure to keep you hot during the cold season...THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING RING is good if you're looking for a feel-good, comfort read. I enjoyed this very much and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anybody."

- Ashia, The Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW


"This Jack McGarry and Larissa Owens story is as complex as it is sweet. For me, it was the best of the trio... They are sweet and funny together, but Jack’s past keeps him from committing. The relationship implodes as Jack’s world collapses in on him. The scenes where Jack spirals out of control are riveting, as are the ones where he claws his way back to reality."

- Jean Brown, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  FULL REVIEW

"With her classic blend of lighthearted humor, intense emotional conflict, and a setting so real and appealing readers will want to start scoping out real estate, Mallery spins a masterly tale of two wary people afraid to risk their friendship for love."

- Library Journal  FULL REVIEW

A+! "These characters were absolutely perfect in their flawed realistic way and I adored both of them."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

Kelly: "As always Susan does a great job of sucking me back into the Fool’s Gold world... be warned once you step foot into Fool’s Gold you may never want to leave."

Kimberly: "Reading this series is like coming home to a town filled with family and friends.... I doubt any of us thought it would be a meddling mom who started it all but we are so glad she did. Once the seed is planted in the minds of Jack and Larissa that there is love between them there is no stopping the seed growing into a forest of trouble."

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"Until We Touch is another marvelous addition to the Fool’s Gold series. The storyline is fresh and unique and although the plot twist at the end was very unexpected, it is just the push both Larissa and Jack need to make some much need changes in their lives. Susan Mallery brilliantly works her magic and brings the novel to a lovely happily ever after ending."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"Never a dull moment in Fool’s Gold and Susan Mallery has done it again with Jack and Larissa’s story."

- Shelly, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery is one of my favorite authors and she once again didn’t disappoint but had multifaceted and multi-layered characters that I had to dig deep to find the real person and their personality. Come join us in Fool’s Gold. You’ll be glad you did!"

- JoAnne, Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "So when [Larissa's] mother drops a bombshell on him, saying she thinks her daughter is in love with him... Jack notices their relationship has shifted from one of best friends to one of unexplored sexual tension... an emotional rollercoaster of a novel."

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

"I read Until We Touch on the beach. My daughter looked at me from the edge of the ocean, rolled her eyes, and said, 'There’s mom, crying again over a book.' Yup. You betchya. Tears of sadness, tears of joy. That’s a successful read."

- Calliope, Random Book Muses  FULL REVIEW

"Wonderful... I found Until We Touch particularly satisfying emotionally."

- Live Vi-Carrie-ous  FULL REVIEW

"Fabulous! But seriously, does Susan Mallery write anything that isn't fabulous? I won't say more, because I always say the same things after reading one of her books because they are just so awesome!"

- Between the Pages  FULL REVIEW

"Once again, Susan Mallery has written a beautiful and passionate love story that will leave you with a smile... I love friends to lovers romance books."

- A Bookish Escape  FULL REVIEW

"Larissa’s mom interferes and talks to Jack and then blithely announces that Larissa is in love with him... similar to telling yourself NO I don’t want that chocolate bar, I DON’T want that chocolate bar, I don’t NEED that chocolate bar and… mmm, DAMN that chocolate bar was GOOOOOOD. Except in this case it was all sexual tension and love and longing and it was a lot of fun to read. Oh, and some really sharp and funny dialogue."

- Romance Fan Girl  FULL REVIEW

Fresh Pick"UNTIL WE TOUCH certainly has some very comical, if not embarrassing, moments. Jack and Larissa are solid characters with lots of heart and passion... I always enjoy a return visit to Fool's Gold and catching up on everyone's lives. I can't wait for the next installment!"

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

UNTIL WE TOUCH is a Best Book of the Month in Romance!

- Amazon Editors

"Amazing chemistry... Would I recommend this book? Most definitely."

- Stitch, Read, Cook  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars "I was never so happy to have a day where I had to take my father to a series of medical appointments. I got to finish this great book with only a few interruptions... This book is a must have."

- Love, Romance, Passion  FULL REVIEW

"This is the type of story that makes you feel whole again. Both tears & laughter fill the pages of Mallery’s work... This novel is perfect. It’s sweet and sassy with just that touch of heat. This may be my favourite Susan Mallery novel to date."


- Pure Jonel-Confessions of a Bibliophile  FULL REVIEW

"It seems that with each new book that Susan Mallery writes in the Fool's Gold series, they get better and better. And they still seem fresh and new... The humor is quite often laugh-out-loud funny but then is balanced with a heart-tugging scene that might cause you to shed a tear or two."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"Here's what I loved about Until We Touch:... The humor. That's one of the things Susan Mallery does really well. There were scenes that had me chuckling, even laughing out loud. Omigosh, the scene in the massage room... The intensity. Once Larissa and Jack do start acknowledging their attraction, if not their deeper feelings, they've got really good chemistry."


- Bookwyrm's Hoard  FULL REVIEW

"A fun, flirty, and sexy tale that really sizzles from the moment they first kiss in UNTIL WE TOUCH, readers will not want to put it down as Susan Mallery once again scores a hit with another of her Fool’s Gold romances... a winning tale I highly recommend."

- Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today   FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "Hot and fun!"

- Jen in Bookland  FULL REVIEW

"In typical Fools Gold tradition there is laughter, alpha males, strong women and meddling friends and neighbors. I loved watching Jack fall in love with Larissa. This is just another great book in the series. You have to read it."

- Mrs. Mommy Booknerd  FULL REVIEW

"Until We Touch is a very fun, light romance with a bit of hero groveling."

- Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind  FULL REVIEW

"If you are looking for lovely characters, town filled with charm, witty dialog and a story that demands your attention -- look no further than UNTIL WE TOUCH."

- Sandra Wurman, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW


"In the previous novel in Susan Mallery’s captivating Fool’s Gold series, Sam Ridge’s intriguing avoidance of event planner Dellina Hopkins left me dying to read their story and I am delighted to say Before We Kiss exceeded all of my expectations! ...Sam’s trust issues are realistic and a visit from his family is quite hilarious, but also shows the importance of respecting other people’s boundaries and need for privacy."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "The 14th book set in Fool’s gold (FOURTEEN!!) is perhaps my favorite of the series! There were so many laugh out loud moments I can’t even begin to count them!... I am so in love with this story! And I can’t stop laughing at it. They are the most awkward and embarrassing parents ever! (I suppose the easiest way to describe it is that Sam’s mom is a motivational speaker, but her topic? Sex!)"

- Two Moms Reading  FULL REVIEW

"The absolute best part of this book is when Dellina books an author who is going to be in Fool's Gold for a book signing to do the lecture during the party weekend. The woman is sort of like a sex therapist. What Dellina doesn't know is that she is Sam's mother... Oh My Gosh. I laughed so hard!! It was absolutely fabulous! Everyone, go forth and read!"

- Between the Pages  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery definitely knows how to write emotional romance novels. The Fool's Gold Series has so much charm and romance."

- Abigail Books Addiction  FULL REVIEW

"...another delightful visit to the people and town of Fool's Gold. Visits with people we know and love from previous stories, and lots of babies! I laughed out loud when Sam's very interesting parents came to town.>

- Pat Fordyce, Tea and Books  FULL REVIEW

"The latest Fool’s Gold romance has girl next door Dellina trying not to fall in love with strong, silent, private Sam. Their romance starts off slow, heats up, cools down, and ends with a public announcement no one expects. I loved it!"

- Calliope, Random Book Muses  FULL REVIEW

4.75 Hearts! Kelly: "...when it comes to Sam’s parents. WOWZA!! ...I was seriously dying every time his mom opened her mouth." Kimberly: "I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoy this series. It is the first series and the first author that I recommend when asked... Fool’s Gold might now be the “Destination for Romance” but Mallery is the Queen of Romance in my book."

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"Full of laugh out loud moments and some steamy interactions between Sam and Dellina, Before We Kiss has Mallery’s unique blend of heart and humor. The dialogue is snappy, the characters are engaging, and the story is complex. I loved Sam from the moment he first showed up and I was so happy to see him find his match."

- Romantic Reads and Such  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery’s loyal readers love these books because they know what they’ll get: a fun story with memorable characters and a few over-the-top situations (Sam’s parents, Reggie and Lark fill that opening here)... I love this series and I can’t wait for the next one! Warning: The love scenes are steamy."

- Live Vi-Carrie-ous  FULL REVIEW

"BEFORE WE KISS is a Best Book of the Month in Romance!"

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"This is probably the funniest Fool’s Gold book Susan Mallery’s written. Take one private, stoic guy like Sam, who’s had the worst luck with women, add in his CRAZY family and it was so much fun to read... the best part of this book is the unexpected humor. And some seriously memorable sex scenes. Way to go Ms. Mallery."

- Gone Pecan LA  FULL REVIEW

BEFORE WE KISS is a Best Book of the Year (So Far) in Romance!

- Amazon Editors

BEFORE WE KISS has been named a 2014 Best Books-Romance by the editors at!

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"I loved the sexy romance between Dellina and Sam in BEFORE WE KISS, and Susan Mallery's trademark strong characters and powerful emotional punch."

- Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery returns us to Fool's Gold with another romantic tale she is so gifted in crafting. Neither Sam nor Dellina are looking for love or marriage. Dellina just doesn't think it's in the cards for her, and Sam isn't willing to trust anyone with his heart again... BEFORE WE KISS is a delightful romantic tale about trust and having faith in others with a surprising topic thrown in."

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

Top Pick! "Sam is absolutely yummy but has a dating history that would probably convince other guys to join a monastery. His parents, however, would probably convince the faint of heart to move…to another planet... I really appreciate a well written, steady paced book... even though this book is part of a series, you don’t have to read the entire series – or even the books in order – to make the story make sense."

- Night Owl Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "...this book was amazing! I LOVED Sam. He’s so adorable and Dellina is so very sweet and open. I loved the conflict and the ties to family and community that tied this book together."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"Heartwarming, sweet, and sexy are just a few words that describes Before We Kiss. Mallery has always been a pro at creating awesome characters... Mallery is the queen of romance."

- Fire & Ice Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"...hilarious... Their chemistry is off the charts."

- Jean Brown, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  FULL REVIEW

"This book is all about trust and learning that love is worth the risk in the end. Before We Kiss is another fun and sexy adventure in Fool's Gold."

- The Reading Realm  FULL REVIEW

"Before We Kiss is another great addition to the Fool's Gold world, that will leave you eager for more, especially for the HEAs of the characters that their stories are yet to come, and I can't wait. Before We Kiss will make you laugh, it will make you smile, just overall make you feel happy, and that's what a contemporary romance should be like, and once again Susan Mallery delivers, so I highly recommend this book!"

- Aleksandra's Corner  FULL REVIEW


"Heartwarming... Deft characterization and an absorbing story line will keep readers coming back."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"When We Met is another enchanting novel in Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. It is a sexy and playful romance between two wounded people who help one another recover from their painful pasts. Old and new fans are going to love this sweet yet saucy addition to the endearing and highly addictive series."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"Fast paced... plenty of humour to keep things light and fun. The setting of this series is excellent, with plenty of side characters from past novels bringing the town to life. The pacing was excellent with a tense and exciting climax to the story!"

- The Reading Realm  FULL REVIEW

"Taryn and Angel are very likable characters. They are confident yet also vulnerable. Determined to just enjoy dating, will they be able to keep it at that level? I enjoyed Susan Mallery’s latest addition to the Fool’s Gold series. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for both Angel and Taryn. Their reluctance to give themselves over to a chance for love was understandable yet I hoped for more. Mallery didn’t disappoint."

- Bookfan Mary  FULL REVIEW

"This book was absolutely fabulous. I can't say how much I loved it... Susan Mallery is an absolutely fantastic author of feel good stories. Each book always makes me smile, which is awesome when I am going through a tough spot. I can always rely on a Susan Mallery book to perk me up."

- Between the Pages  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A- "...a romance that isn’t overly angsty or complicated, but so passionate at the same time. The chemistry between Taryn and Angel is so well done, and I felt like they were constantly burning up the pages. Their romance was spicy and sweet at the same time, and I liked the fact that they danced around each other for awhile before falling into bed together... I think this might be my favorite Fool’s Gold book to date."

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

"There are some very dark clouds in Angel’s past, some of which brought me to tears. And the way Taryn responded to Angel’s past, and how he handles it in present day, really illustrates what a great person she is... I loved Angel’s role with the Future Warriors of the Máa-zib. There were some hilarious moments, as well as some tender ones."

- The Book Vixen  FULL REVIEW

"I’m swooning over [Angel's] bad boy persona like no one's business!! (He’s got layers and layers to him, and Susan Mallery does a phenomenal job of pulling them back!)... it’s near impossible to write a review of her work and not gush... while the books are all connected, you can jump in at anytime – just clear your calendar because you’ll be anxious to go back and read the rest!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "I keep expecting for this series to get old. This is the 13th book in it, but they don't...not at all. Fool's Gold keeps getting bigger and I fall a little more in love with it in every book.... I loved the two of them together. They are upfront and honest about what they want from each other. Their relationship is incredibly hot and fun."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"It was crazy fun watching these two weave a path toward their HEA. Strong characters, sarcastic dialogue, flawless writing, and a clever seduction plan takes Fool’s Gold in a new direction."

- Books, Books, More Books  FULL REVIEW

"If you enjoy fun, light romance, I recommend When We Met. I always add a caution, the sex is fairly graphic, so consider yourself forewarned."

- Live Vi-Carrie-ous  FULL REVIEW

"I love every book in the Fool's Gold series but this is one of my favorites... It has the humor that we love and the magic that we crave. And as always, the happy ending that they deserve. What a perfect beginning to summer!"

- Lisa Leigh, Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy  FULL REVIEW

"...a lot of charm, humor and is very entertaining."

- Readalot Rhonda  FULL REVIEW

"What do two distrustful people that are attracted to one another do? They get involved with the community, of course. I can't spoil it and tell you what Angel signs up for but he needs Taryn's help. As it turns out she needs his help with a client who is a major outdoors enthusiast - the exact opposite of Taryn. So they team up and the results are hilarious and heartwarming... Sparks between them fly off the page from the first sentence of the book. I completely love and adore them together."

- Sheery Hall  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "...there is just something special in Susan Mallery’s writing and characters that brings me back, book after book. It’s my literary equivalent of comfort food. The town kind of feels like home at this point, considering we’re thirteen novels in. But the characters still seem fresh and vibrant, never losing their sense of humor or charm... Don’t let the fact that this is book thirteen in the series scare you away from this terrific romance. It can easily be read as a standalone. But I think you’ll get hooked on these unique characters and make more than one trip to Fool’s Gold."

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "If you have never read a Susan Mallery book before, do yourself a BIG favor and get your hands on When We Met (or any Fool's Gold book) you will be hooked! Fans of this series will love Angel and Taryn and will understand that Susan Mallery is truly the Queen of Happy Endings even if Fool's Gold has to change its slogan."

- The Blushing Reader  FULL REVIEW

The editors at have named WHEN WE MET a Best Book of the Month in Romance!

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "I think I fell a little in love with Taryn in this book... The steam was just about right, just a few not terribly graphic pages."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"The dialogue, a hallmark of Mallery’s writing, is amusing and fast-paced... The story is engaging. Mallery deftly moves the reader through Fool’s Gold."

- Jean Brown, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars HOT! "Ms. Mallery has done it again! She has an uncanny gift of weaving stories into intricate pieces of art... The direction of self-discovery this story takes and the contrast of hard and soft, tough and weak were very refreshing."

- My Book Addiction  FULL REVIEW

"When We Met is the 13th book in author Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold Series an admittedly the first in the series I have read. That being said, I never once felt lost while reading and I really appreciate authors who can write a book in that manner... a fabulous read!"

- Read Love Blog  FULL REVIEW

"I was hooked by the very first line in the book. I could not put the book down at all."

- Mrs. Mommy Booknerd  FULL REVIEW

"Lordy but Mallery can weave together a wonderful romance... I totally loved Angel. He's older--40ish--and established. He's rocking some confidence, is upfront and just sexy as hell. This is a man that knows exactly what he's doing and does it very well. As much as he has it together he's also scared and trying to move on from the loss of his family in a horrible accident."

- Herding Cats and Burning Soup  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery does an amazing job as always with her characters, you laugh, you cry, and you always want a happily ever after. Those who love contemporary romance and an amazing series has to read When We Met along with the entire Fools Gold series."

- The Pen Muse  FULL REVIEW

"Recommended for adult readers that like their stories with ACTUAL story, heart, romance...and a little spice just to kick things up a notch."

- Insatiable Readers  FULL REVIEW

(Audiobook) "Whether listeners are new to the series or longtime fans, they will be instantly drawn into Angel and Taryn’s story, which is brought to life by narrator Tanya Eby. Verdict: Romance fans should not miss this."


- Stephanie Charlefour, Library Journal  FULL REVIEW

Rating: 9/10 "The way these two characters interact and evolve throughout the novel is beautiful, starting as a fling and then becoming more than they bargained for. But what I really loved was the way the reader gets to really embrace every aspect of the characters. I highly recommend this book – the skillfully written story of a small town love affair will immerse you in a wave of emotions."

- From the Purple Matter  FULL REVIEW

4½ Stars! "The ability to combine tender emotions, poignancy and humor, then spice it up with a sexy sizzle are the hallmarks of a Mallery book. The small town of Fool's Gold continues to be a hot spot for lovers to meet their romantic downfall. The courtship of Angel and Taryn is funny, touching and exciting -- a perfect way to spend readers' precious leisure hours."

- RT Book Reviews

"The romance between Angel and Tamryn in WHEN WE MET is explosive at times, and sweet at others. I like that they both went into things without looking for love, but both fell hard. I think Susan Mallery does a wonderful job of keeping a balance between sizzling romance, great storytelling, and humor. I look forward to reading more fabulous character-driven stories in this series!"

- Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery's WHEN WE MET is a contemporary romance that did not disappoint from the first page to the last... heartfelt and sweet."

- JoAnne, Romance Junkies  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! " Miss Mallery grabs the reader from chapter one, and keeps a good grip until the end. Even after it's over, she leaves you wanting more. Miss Mallery has always been at the top of my favorite authors list, but with this book, she has made it to the first spot."

- Fire & Ice Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Fans will be delighted with the same strong storytelling and modern-day fairy-tale quality Mallery always brings to this magical town with its mysterious mayor.";


5 Stars! "The book was really sweet and sexy and very funny... WHEN WE MET was the perfect Romance!"

- BJ's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

"The novelty of a new romance is so exciting, and Mallery conveyed the roller coaster of emotions just perfectly. From the witty banter to the teasing looks to the mysterious notes, Mallery created a romance that kept me on the edge of my seat."

- Calliope, Random Book Muses  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery delivers another poignant love story... Taryn and Angel are strong, independent and powerful characters... some hilarious moments, some tender ones... a story about trust and letting go of your past."

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW


Starred review! "Mallery pulls out all the stops in this highly enjoyable and insightful, funny, and poignant look at self-sacrifice and romantic entanglement." Update: Booklist named Evening Stars one of the Top 10 Romances of 2014!

- Booklist  FULL REVIEW

"Will Nina prevail? Of course she will: this is romantic fiction. But the why and the how, and with whom, are all highly entertaining."

- The Seattle Times  FULL REVIEW

"Best-selling romance author Mallery delves into light women’s fiction with this third Blackberry Island novel, maintaining her romantic charm and smooth voice yet embracing the freedom of a broader storyline with ease and a bit more depth."

- Kirkus Reviews

Top Pick! "Mallery's immensely entertaining, intensely emotional novel is a vividly descriptive, locale-perfect, stand-out story, starring an eclectic cast of unforgettable characters who will warm hearts and confound, and heroines that readers will champion. Although it concludes the trilogy, this BI book reads well alone."

- RT Book Reviews

EVENING STARS is a "Best Book of the Month!"

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"Author Susan Mallery is a gifted storyteller who delivers a tale that keeps the reader turning pages until the satisfying conclusion."

- Book Reporter  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 Ravens! "PERFECTO!... What I loved most about Evening Stars is that as the story progressed, each of the characters were forced to do some real soul searching in order to discover not only who they truly were, but also who they wanted to be in life."

- Blackraven Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"What did I expect from Evening Stars? A novel about familial relationships with a little romance on the side. What I didn’t expect was to get sucked into the lives of these four women. I simply couldn’t put the book down."

- Ashley Farley  FULL REVIEW

4.5 out of 5! "I laughed, I cried a bit; I screamed and wanted to 'shake' people... I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Susan Mallery."

- The Reading Cafe  FULL REVIEW

"Evening Stars is a beautiful journey of self-discovery for the Wentworth women. Nina and Averil undergo a great deal of soul searching as they contemplate their pasts and in doing so, they are able fully embrace their futures. A lovely conclusion to Susan Mallery’s delightful Blackberry Island series."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"While there are some romantic storylines in Evening Stars, the story is really about family and relationships and finding peace with yourself. Nina and Averil have a complicated relationship with each other and with their mother, and how they relate to each other has shaped the sort of people they became, for better or for worse. Evening Stars shows what happens when those relationships are challenged and reshaped, and just how empowering that can be."

- The Daily Quirk  FULL REVIEW

"I love this Blackberry Island series! ... Susan Mallery writes characters and dialogue that are so natural I don’t even stop to think that they might not be real."

- Random Book Muses  FULL REVIEW

"Move over Danielle Steel. Susan Mallery is quickly emerging as the new queen of romantic fiction."

- Amy Newmark, Wal-Mart

"If you’re looking for a book to get lost in; a true love story about romantic love, family love, and friendship, then Evening Stars by Susan Mallery is the novel for you."

- Life Army Wife Style  FULL REVIEW

"...a finely crafted tale of regret and fear and the mixed curse and blessing that is family."

- Live Vi-Carrie-ously  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "This series is so heartwarming that it puts me in a great mood when I read it. The stories are so much more than just romance... Chronicling Nina’s journey to discover her inner strength, and her true dreams, this is a beautiful story. The characters are deep and complex, and very realistic."

- Workaday Reads  FULL REVIEW

EVENING STARS has been named one of the Top 10 Romances of 2014 by Booklist, a publication of the American Library Association!


- Booklist  FULL REVIEW

"Evening Stars was definitely full of high drama but it was well-balanced by a cute puppy, relatable insecurities, that awesome antique store, and the adorable community of Blackberry Island."

- Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW


4½ Stars Top Pick! "Megastar Mallery provides plenty of holiday cheer in this tale of a man at life's crossroads. It really is the most wonderful time of the year in Fool's Gold, where readers will witness heartwarming family drama and tender romance. Another of Mallery's patented mood elevators!"

- RT Book Reviews

"Verdict: Brimming with lively humor, spot-on dialog, small-town charm, and holiday cheer... A joy-filled, Christmas treat that should please series fans."

- Library Journal

"A Best Book of the Month in Romance!" (This is Susan's fourth 2013 release to be honored by the editors at In March, THREE SISTERS was named a Best Book of the Month. In July, TWO OF A KIND made the list, and in August, THREE LITTLE WORDS did, too.)

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"Having seen countless catastrophes - including the death of someone very close to him - Gabriel is loath to give his heart, no matter how appealing the tall blonde might be. Noelle has chosen the opposite path: she is going to live every single day to the fullest, no matter what... she's not going to settle for anything less than mutual true love. Fans of the Fool's Gold series will enjoy this Christmas interlude."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"Both Noelle and Gabriel have faced mortality head on, but each learned something completely different from the other. Noelle now believes in living life to the fullest, because you never know how long it will last. Gabriel believes that there’s no point in love and joy because everything could end in a moment. The beauty of Christmas on 4th Street is in seeing how they resolve their differences on the way to their own happy ending... Susan Mallery’s winning formula holds true yet again for Christmas on 4th Street."

- Michele, Romancing Rakes for the Luv of Romance  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this story! For those of you that haven’t read a Fools Gold story previously, just so you know, you don’t need to have read all of the previous novels to read this one. If anything, it may make you want to read the others!"

- Aya M. Productions  FULL REVIEW

"Every Mallery book I read just strengthens my conviction that this writer is one of the most gifted creators of characters in contemporary romance fiction. Noelle is a joy. I adored her only a few degrees less than I adores Felicia. Her courage, her optimism, and her contagious joy make her the perfect heroine for a Christmas romance...emotionally uplifting, sustaining, heartening, and encouraging. It’s also sexy, and it offers the gift of a wonderfully satisfying, sigh-evoking ending. If you like Christmas romances, you definitely should include this one on your list of must-reads for 2013."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "I really loved the book!!! I would be happy to have a new Fool's Gold book every month for the rest of my life! And I loved it twice as much because... there was sooo much Christmas feeling in the book - the snow - the cold - the Christmas store - the festivals in Fool's Gold!"

- BJ's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Another outstanding story in the Fool's Gold saga. I enjoyed every page... CHRISTMAS ON 4TH STREET is bound to be another winner for author Susan Mallery. Five flying stars for this highly recommended contemporary romance."

- Debra Taylor, The Romance Reviews

Top Pick! "Oh Fool’s Gold. How I love thee. I never seem to grow tired of this series and find that with every new installment, Susan Mallery’s writing stays just as fresh as ever... the dialogue between Gabriel and Noelle was just as quick, funny and smart as with the previous books in this series."

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 "What I Loved about Christmas on 4th Street... Christmas the way only Fool’s Gold can do it, and glimpses of most of the couples from the series up to this point. It really was lovely."

- The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

"[A] classic example of opposites attract...Gabriel has shut himself off from living whereas Noelle believes that every moment is made to be savored and lived to the fullest...This book is set at Christmas and worked for me on every level. I'd LOVE to spend the holidays in Fool's Gold."

- Christi Snow, Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery fully captures the spirit of the season with a storyline that is very endearing, but it is the fantastic cast of characters and loving community that make it such an outstanding read. Another emotional filled and uplifting novel that I highly recommend."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"...two wounded souls who find each other in the every day magic of Fool's Gold. And there is plenty of Christmas magic as well! If you want a good romance series to follow, this is the one."

- Mysteries Etc.  FULL REVIEW

"They've both been truly tested the last couple of years...Gabriel as an Army doctor on the front lines; Noelle in several different life-altering ways. But they've handled those trials with VERY different attitudes. Gabriel has shut himself off from living whereas Noelle believes that every moment is made to be savored and lived to the fullest... This book is set at Christmas and worked for me on every level."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

Kimberly: 5 Stars, 6 hours! "That is how long it took me to read this book. I could not put it down. There is no better place to be than Fool’s Gold during the holidays or anytime of year really... There is just something about this unbelievable town that makes you want to pack up and move there. Mallery has a way of bringing you home to her fictional town and making you never want to leave."

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Noelle and Gabriel each have their own demons to overcome and are going about them in different ways. Gabriel feels it’s best to live life alone so you’re not hurt when someone dies. Noelle feels you should live life to the fullest because you never know when it will end. Watching her unknowingly yet eventually winning Gabriel over to her side of thinking is sweet and perfect for a Christmas romance...

- The Book Momster  FULL REVIEW

"[Christmas on 4th Street] has love, community filled with old friends we have met before and new ones. It is full of Christmas Cheer, snow and lots of kittens... charming..."

- Readalot Rhonda  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A+ "Yet another wonderful addition to my Mallery collection! It’s been years since I fell asleep while reading because I just couldn’t put a book down!"

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"Fool’s Gold is the quintessential place to spend the holidays: the warm people, the festive activities, and, of course, the brilliant white snow... Christmas on 4th Street is a real treat."

- Estelle, Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

"What makes the book special are the two main characters: Noelle, an optimistic, funny and smart (not to mention beautiful) young woman and Gabriel, a handsome army doctor on leave and visiting his brother in Fool’s Gold... I’m a bit behind in the series but that didn’t impede my enjoyment of this book. Mallery filled in with pertinent information on characters from previous books and she also hinted about a few people moving to town. Nice to know the series will continue!"

- Book Fan Mary  FULL REVIEW

"I automatically snap up anything that has to do with this series and Susan Mallery’s name associated with it... This is a slow, sweet meeting and loving of two damaged people who find their forever. If you have the time and can make it here, definitely plan on spending the holiday season in Fool’s Gold."

- Veena, The Good, the Bad, and the Unread  FULL REVIEW

"After twelve books, I am still just as much in love with Fool’s Gold as I have ever been! And it’s the perfect place to spend Christmas!... I adored this book, every single moment of it!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW


"The 150 recipes are straightforward, gimmick-free home cooking... you don’t need to be familiar with the [Fool's Gold] books to appreciate happy endings in the form of Guinness Gingerbread or Coconut Vanilla Snowball Cupcakes."

- Rebekah Denn, The Seattle Times  FULL REVIEW

"...a work of happenstance and culinary delight, a love story woven into a collection of delectable seasonal recipes... Each recipe moves Ana Raquel and Greg closer and closer together, freeing them of their past and offering them an opportunity to rediscover one another. Mallery invites readers to try out mouthwatering creations as their serendipitous love story unfolds."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"WOW!... Love how the recipes I was interested in are made from scratch as that is how I cook also. Fresh ingredients to make the food taste the best it can... For my party I will be making the sweet potato biscuits or the carrot muffins. Love how the index not only has the names of the recipes in alphabetical order but major ingredients are also indexed."

- Julie Barrett  FULL REVIEW

"[A] wonderful cookbook and it is full of delicious, easy to make recipes and the photos are amazing. I’m a little fussy that way because I love a cookbook that has photos to go along with the recipe. I love to see the finished product! Every time I look through and see all the good recipes I get so hungry and I can’t wait to try quite a few...

- Peeking between the Pages  FULL REVIEW

"I think that it is so cool that this is a cookbook, as well as a fiction book! A story within a cookbook! How cool! And lots of really yummy recipes for all year round!"

- Hanging Off the Wire  FULL REVIEW

"With a heartwarming love story woven among tasty, easy to make recipes for every occasion and every season, this is a must-have collection for cooks and romance lovers alike."

- The Romance Dish  FULL REVIEW

Buy it! "I’m really impressed with the easy to understand instructions and the variety of food contains in Susan Mallery’s newest venture. (Plus it’s adorable that the included novella lends a backstory to the fictional existence of the cookbook too!) For fans of the Fool’s Gold series and foodies, I definite suggest adding this to your wish list immediately."

- Estelle, Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

"There is additional treasure to enjoy while perusing the pages and marking your favorite actual story. *gasp* Yes, you read that right....there's a special novella type story told throughout the book that actually features the cookbook in it as well, in a cool little twist. We learn the story behind Ana's food truck business and her constant battle to be number one since grade school when a particular little boy snagged the spotlight and just wouldn't give it back."

- Insatiable Readers  FULL REVIEW

"Delightful!! I loved reading though Susan Mallery's cookbook and seeing the recipes capture her lovely Fool's Gold series. The recipes are simple and look delicious, I also enjoyed how each recipe reflected a character or place from the novels."

- Tina's Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This year I fell in love with this series and this is a very special book because we can see all those character we met in the previous books and even more got to also create the amazing recipes that we listened so much about."

- Book Travels Romance  FULL REVIEW

Pick of the litter! "Seriously I cannot stop smiling. Mallery was absolutely genius in putting The Fool's Gold Cookbook together. I wasn't sure how it was all going to work with the whole cookbook/romance combo but it was utterly and deliciously perfect."

- Herding Cats and Burning Soup  FULL REVIEW

"This was an utterly charming and adorable cookbook and the food was good to boot. While the love story would definitely be categorized as short but sweet, I love that the characters were creating a town cookbook together and this is apparently the result... Overall, I gave this cookbook 4 1/2 out of 5 roses. It will definitely be one of my favorite cookbooks."

- Seduced by a Book  FULL REVIEW

5 Willies! "I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen... Susan Mallery had women like me in mind when she made this cookbook. I've made a few of her recipes and they turned out really good... I would definitely recommend this cookbook to anyone and everyone. It's full of yummy recipes and a heartwarming story!"

- 2 Read or Not 2 Read  FULL REVIEW

"When I found out Susan had written her first cookbook with recipes from Fool’s Gold, I thought it was just brilliant. To make this book even better, she wrote a love story within the cookbook... Trying to decide what recipe to make was not easy, they are all wonderful!"

- Cafe Terra  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery’s romance intertwined with food recipes is genius!"

- The Pen Muse  FULL REVIEW

Three Little Words

Three Little Words has been selected for iBooks Best of 2013!

- iTunes iBooks

A "Best Book of 2013" in Romance!

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

4½ Stars Top Pick! "Hot on the heels of last month's charmer, Mallery returns to Fool's Gold to not only give lucky readers former SEAL Ford Hendrix's romantic comeuppance, but also that of his brother, Kent. With twice the romantic action, this book is a dynamite read filled with humor, compassion and sexy sizzle."

- RT Book Reviews

A Best Book of the Month in Romance! (This is Susan's third 2013 book to make this prestigious list. In March, THREE SISTERS and in July, TWO OF A KIND were also honored as Best Books of the Month by the editors at

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

Best of the Year in Romance! "All three of the books in this new chapter of Fool’s Gold romances are excellent—compelling, character-driven narratives with the perfect balance of sweetness and reality—but Three Little Words might just be the best of the bunch."

- Alyssa Morris, Amazon Kindle  FULL REVIEW

Buy It! "Reading Isabel’s young letters to Ford in Three Little Words really transported me back to that very young me, hoping beyond hope that this amazing/almost off-limits guy felt the same way... Three Little Words is sexy, sweet, and probably one of the more relatable books in this series. (There’s also a second romantic storyline between a tough lady and a very nice math teacher. Loved watching barriers come down for this one.) Plus football players are moving into town. Even more reason to check into Fool’s Gold if you ask me!

Did I mention this was probably the hottest Fool’s Gold book I ever read? Major heat wave, hot. Prepare yourself. Hydrate. You will need it."

- Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

"This is a charming addition to this lovely series. If you are looking for a sweet but sexy contemporary story–this is it!"

- Warren-Newport Public Library  FULL REVIEW

"The romance is amusing. Ford persuades Isabel to act as his 'fake girlfriend' to ward off his mother’s matchmaking efforts. But, of course, things become all to real."

- Jean Marie Brown, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  FULL REVIEW

"One of my favorite contemporary romance books ever... I give Three Little Words an A!"

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

Grade A "Of all the Fool’s Gold books out so far, Three Little Words is my favorite."

- The Book Reading Gals  FULL REVIEW

5 Cups! "The queen of contemporary romance, Susan Mallery, has done it again... My Three Little Words – Read This Book."

- Heather Coulter, Books, Books, and More Books  FULL REVIEW

Kimberly: 5 Stars "I am never disappointed when I visit Fool’s Gold but this might be my favorite book of the series (and that is saying something) in a while. Maybe I was just like Isabel and had a crush on Ford even before he came back to town but having spent time with him I fell in love!

Kelly: 4.5 Stars "Loved this story!"

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "I love the vulnerability that Ford has about his time in the military and when that all comes out at the end...gorgeous and heartbreaking. Really just brilliant, emotional writing from Susan Mallery. Definitely another winner."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A+ "I love small town romance and though this is the twelfth book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I wasn’t lost at all and I haven’t read any of the others... I loved the steam and chemistry between the couples. The small town aspect worked very well with this story. I can’t wait to read more about this fun town!"

- Rhonda Dennis, Delighted Reader  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery's created a town I'd love to be part of. The friendly faces, neighbors knowing neighbors, and a collection of stores and boutiques that make you want to spend time outside of your home... Three Little Words is actually a two-for-one romance. Not only do you get to watch Ford and Isabel battle their growing feelings, but Ford's brother, a single dad, also finds himself falling head over heels for Ford's co-worker, a military woman with a rough background. This made it feel like you got a bonus! I can't wait to see how things are going for both couples in future Fool's Gold romances."

- Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This was my first experience with the FOOLS GOLD series, but I didn’t find any issues with characters with back-stories that I needed to read... The characters and the funny scenes made THREE LITTLE WORDS a great contemporary novel."

- Parajunkee Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"I feel like I say this every time I read a Fool’s Gold book but…I LOVED this story! Susan Mallery has yet again given us a couple who are perfect together in every way but just can’t admit it to themselves... I guess I just have to admit to myself that I am addicted to Susan Mallery’s writing. I wonder if there’s a twelve step program for that?"

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

Rating: 5 HOT "I must say the third book in the Fool’s Gold Bodyguard Trilogy is my absolute favorite!! Not only do you get the beautifully funny and charming love story of Isabel and Ford, but you also get the beautifully self-conscious and unsure, although equally as charming, love story of Ford’s brother Kent and his unlikely lady-love Consuelo Ly. Both stories are so different yet alike. Mallery is the absolute master at formulating quaint small town life and charmingly real characters."

- A. Lyn, My Book Addictions and More  FULL REVIEW

"Where have I been? I had no idea Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series was up to book #12. I forgot how much I love Susan Mallery's writing, and the characters she creates. Also, a big bonus, I do not have to read the books in order for me to understand, or keep up with the Fool's Gold world and its characters. I jumped right into Three Little Words and did not feel lost or confused one bit... Isabel and Ford have to be one of my favorite characters in a contemporary romance ever... I haven't laughed this hard while reading a book in so long!"

- Damaris, Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"I may have no clue what happened in the previous books, but I felt it was easily read as a stand alone... this one hit the mark...definitely one for romance fans!"

- Freda's Voice  FULL REVIEW

"I had such a fun time reading this book and learning about some of the Fool's Gold's residents! I guess this is book twelve, but it was fine as a stand-alone. I may need to go back and pick up some of the first ones!... I would definitely pick up another book by Susan Mallery."

- Books and Needlepoint  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "If you’ve never read a Fool’s Gold book, or anything by Susan Mallery, pick up Three Little Words... I absolutely love Susan Mallery’s books. She always makes me smile, laugh, sigh and even occasionally cry. And her stories never fail to delight – full of characters that are witty, touching and sexy, and dialogue that is smart, funny, flirty, and sweet. It’s an irresistible combination that makes me happy every time."

- Julie Johnson, Book Trib  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "This book is fantastic and I really enjoyed Ford and his lightheartedness. Despite leaving town under bad circumstances and having experienced some difficult things while he was in the military, he is able to be fun and loving when he returns to town. The light, teasing nature of Ford and Isabel's relationship made me laugh out loud a number of times... Ms. Mallery does a great job writing the reconnection of two characters who both want so badly to guard their hearts against any pain or devastation. The large, close knit family elements also add some hysterical moments to this story... As always, I enjoyed this Fool's Gold tale and all of the characters in it. I look forward to so much more from this idyllic little town."

- Lynn, The Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Men are idiots. Susan Mallery knows that well, and illustrates it perfectly in the latest Fool’s Gold novel – Three Little Words...There is one of the most romantic lines I have ever read near the end of this one! Days later it still has me swooning!! I have to say that Ford Hendrix could be my favorite romantic hero, EVER!!... If you haven’t read the Fool’s Gold books, I strongly recommend you start!!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"My first time reading this author's work and certainly not my last, I was enchanted by the story, captivated by the surroundings and utterly drawn into the relationships."

- Insatiable Readers  FULL REVIEW

"I know it might seem odd that my first Mallery book is also the twelfth in a series, but the books are companions and the author did such a nice job of subtly filling in details on the characters and their ties to one another, that I did not have a hard time keeping up... He was very cocky, but in a fun way. Isabel was a sweetheart, and so easy to love... the relationship was so genuinely sweet and fun that I was simply happy to be along for the ride."

- The Bookish Babes  FULL REVIEW

"Although this was my first time reading a Fool’s Gold novel, the characters and the setting had a warm and inviting feel, which could explain why I went out and purchased the previous 11 books in the Fool’ Gold series. While Three Little Words is part of a series and subseries, it reads as a stand-alone book and I had no trouble following along. I have to say that the chemistry between Ford and Isabel was amazing."/p>

- The Royal Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This book is my favorite of the Fool's Gold series books so far... [Ford] was such a good guy and took really good care of Isabel when she needed someone. He was sexy and funny and the bedroom scenes were really hot."

- The Book Garden  FULL REVIEW

"...while this book primarily focused on Ford and Isabel, the secondary story between Kent and Consuelo was just as touching... [Fool's Gold] is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary romance series!"

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"Reading Fool’s Gold is always a joy!... To live in a town where people are easy going, friends show camaraderie, and festivals all year long. Fool’s Gold is indeed the place for happy endings."

- Vivian Situ, Opinionated Person  FULL REVIEW

"I was a little apprehensive going into Three Little Words by Susan Mallery as it is the twelfth book in a series, but just as promised this delightful romance worked perfectly as a standalone. Three word review: small-town, charming, and romantic... The sparks, banter and personalities of the characters allowed me to slip right into the tale. I laughed, grinned, and giggled my way through this."

- Caffeinated Book Reviewer  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "Another delightful romance featuring characters who we root for in a town we’ve grown to love... Fool’s Gold has a way of growing on you like a much beloved vacation spot. I like to visit as often as I can and catch up on all the people I know and love, to see what’s going on in their lives."

- Veena, The Good, the Bad, and the Unread  FULL REVIEW

"Heart-grabbing, loaded with humor and emotions, Three Little Words by Susan Mallery is a charmingly funny, deliciously sexy, and emotionally satisfying read."

- Mina's Bookshelf  FULL REVIEW

"Fool’s Gold is one of those towns that I love visiting whenever I get a hankering for a contemporary romance where the women are spitfires, the men are all adorably dense (at times), and the friendships are forever... It was a blast to watch them realize just how much they mean to each other."

- The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

"...such a delight. I loved the characters and the story line was oh so sweet... Susan Mallery is just a wonderful writer."

- Being Alison  FULL REVIEW

"Isabel has been in love with Ford since she was 14 and Ford was engaged to her sister. She wrote letters to him for 10 years, then stopped before she got married. Her marriage didn’t last and now they are both back in their hometown. Ford’s mom is adamant that he gets married, so he decides to 'fake it' with the girl who was once head over heels for him. I absolutely loved the relationship between Isabel and Ford in this book. They have a history. They are fun. They are playful. Oh and they have some great chemistry."

- The Kari Annalysis  FULL REVIEW

"Fool's Gold, somewhere in California, is one of those places where everyone knows everyone else, and any newcomer will probably find him- or herself married to one of hte locals before much time has elapsed. And why not? They're such a caring, cheerful bunch!... A charming, intriguing read."

- Kelly Ferjutz, Tulsa Book Review

"I have been waiting forever to read Ford’s story and Susan Mallery did not disappoint... The sex was amazing and the love story was touching... Susan Mallery has made Fool’s Gold the most magical place and I can’t wait to see who strikes it rich with love in her next book."

- Reading in Pajamas  FULL REVIEW

"Without a doubt, this is my all time favorite Susan Mallery novel... Three Little Words has all of Mallery’s usual charms. A wonderful love story with glimpses of past main characters, humor and wit. All her novels are charming but this one was extra sweet."

- Aubrey, Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars for Three Little Words"THREE LITTLE WORDS (FOOL'S GOLD #12) is a sweet yet hot contemporary novel that really pulled at my heart strings with not only Isabel and Ford's story but Kent's and Consuelo's too. I didn't think I could love this series any more than I already did but Susan Mallery proved me wrong. Their stories touched my every emotion and I was so drawn in I couldn't put it down until I read each and every word all in a six hour span!"

- JoAnne Weiss, Romance Junkies  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery knocks it out of the park again with Three Little Words!!... Isabel and Ford are a great couple! This story is so feel good and heartwarming that it can turn your gloomy day into a great one."

- Jenelle's Book Shelf  FULL REVIEW

"There’s something about Ford Hendrix. I loved him. I think he’s probably my favorite Fool’s Gold hero, followed closely by Simon (Only Yours #5) and Clay (All Summer Long #9). He’s funny and doesn’t take himself too seriously. I usually go for the alpha male types, but I love a guy with a sense of humor."

- Gone Pecan  FULL REVIEW

"I did worry that I would be a little lost in all that familiar sauce but HAVE NO FEAR. You may not know who every character is nor how they came to be friends, but you can still enjoy them, and they make you want to read previous books to get to know them better. Mostly, I just enjoyed the dual romance in this book, following Isabel and Ford, Consuelo and Kent. THREE LITTLE WORDS is a happy book, so since I’m not an unhappy person, I have no complaints and just basked in all the happy things waiting to hug me. I’ll be smiling all day."

- Paranormal Indulgence  FULL REVIEW

"I love these characters! Isabel is sweet and funny and confused and vulnerable, particularly after her divorce. Yet she has an essential optimism that I found endearing. Ford is a charmer with a terrific sense of humor and an understanding heart, an irresistible combination... The secondary romance between Consuelo and Kent is also wonderful, although their relationship is very different from Isabel and Ford’s. Consuelo and Kent are such an unexpected match, and yet they are great together."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

"I decided to try a Susan Mallery book and loved it! Being my first Mallery novel I wasn’t sure if I could just jump into the Fool’s Gold series but that wasn’t a problem... The relationship between Isabel and Ford was built up perfectly. It wasn’t an instant love with no basis to the relationship. We got to see them go on dates, doing chores around the house and really get to know each other and then fall into bed with each other."

- Debbie's World of Books  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery is my go to author when I need a book that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. She has the ability to take you on a romantic journey filled with passion and humor like no other. I have read quite a few books in the Fools Gold series and this by far is my favorite. What I love about this series is the fact that any book could be read as a stand alone. So if this is your first visit to FG, no worries, you won't be lost."

- Christy, Winding Stairs Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

Reviewers' Choice AwardTHREE LITTLE WORDS has received the Reviewers' Choice Award in contemporary romance from CataNetwork's!



4 ½ Stars Top Pick! "Fresh off her charming June release, Just One Kiss, Mallery follows up with the moving story of a delightful misfit heroine and a man emotionally damaged by imprisonment and torture. Freaky smart Felicia Swift is refreshingly honest and determined to connect with people, whereas Gideon Boylan is hoping for isolation. Their bumpy road to romance is both smile and tear inducing. Mallery is one of a kind."

- RT Book Reviews

"A Best Book of the Month in Romance!"

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Romanticals! "Definitely one of my favorite books of the series... Susan Mallery has a great sense of humor and knows how to write a light, fun read that is sure to make you melt a little."

- Let's Get Romantical  FULL REVIEW

4½ Hearts! "[Two of a Kind] did wonders for whisking me away to a better place and keeping me calm! So once again, I am so incredibly thankful for Susan Mallery!!!... I have to say, now that we’re on book 12? Fool’s Gold is one of my favorite Series EVER!... So, if you’re a Fool’s Gold fan? You’ll love this one!! If you’re new to the series? I can’t recommend it enough!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Felicia's social awkwardness makes her such an appealing and entertaining character to read about. She is honest to a fault because she doesn't always understand when it might be more tactful to hold her tongue.... I adore Fool's Gold and I adore Susan Mallery's ability to continue to introduce us to new and interesting characters that have the ability to transport me to the pages of the book and the town of Fool's Gold."

- Lynn, The Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Felicia is wonderful, one of my favorite characters in the series. Her impressive intelligence is minuscule compared to the size of her heart and her eagerness to embrace life... Two of a Kind brought a tear to me eye and a smile to my face, my favorite kind of story."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery welcomes us back to Fool’s Gold with Two of a Kind, a poignant, heart-warming love story full of wit, tenderness and passion... Felicia and Gideon are sweet together and I love the emotionally charged interactions that Mallery very deftly creates for them. With Two of a Kind, like always, Mallery treats readers to humorous dialogue that pops, a strong story-line that touches the heart, and memorable characters so real you expect to run into them at the store."

- Julie Johnson, Book Trib  FULL REVIEW

Kelly: "These two are so perfect for each other. Throw in some twists and turns of life, the past and the possible future, you have an awesome story."

Kimberly: "Susan Mallery takes us to a place that not only do we love to visit but we wish we could live."

- Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

A+ "As a reader, there is so much angst in this book and it's done so incredibly well. There's a lot of emotion, but there were also a ton of laughs. Felicia makes comments throughout the book that will honestly just have you bursting out in giggles because they are so honest and so unexpected. She even got Gideon to laughing."

- Smitten with Reading

"The Fool’s Gold series continues to suck me in!... Two of a Kind is sweet, sexy, and fun just like a romance novel should be but it also has some great girlfriend moments, matchmaking little kids, and a sincere town mayor that really does have eyes behind her head. And in true Mallery style, she makes some new character introductions that made me even more enthused to pick up the next couple of books. The obsession grows..."

- Estelle, Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

"I love this chick! Felicia's differentness, brilliance, and disarming humor are responsible for the slow decimation of Gideon's walls. I loved seeing him scramble to fill in the gaps, then scramble at the hard, unexpected things life throws at him. These two together are fun and great to watch navigate those murky waters familiar to men and women across the ages."

- Paranormal Indulgence  FULL REVIEW

"I think that each book in the series is better and better than the last and this is no exception. Felicia was a joy to read about and get to know, she was so open and honest and, again, literal, that I wanted to be her friend and help her to navigate the complexities of the world... So, yes, I loved this book, particularly Felicia, and I would definitely recommend it to people who like chick lit with a little hanky panky going on. The end was a little…fluffy and cheesy, but I didn’t mind because I wanted Felicia and Gideon to have their happy ending."

- Gone Pecan LA  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "I do highly recommend TWO OF A KIND. Fans of small town romances, romances with characters who seem completely different, fans of lovers who are reunited and basically any reader of romance, I’d suggest you pick up TWO OF KIND today, you won’t regret it! I finished it in one night, so be prepared to not want to put it down!"

- My Book Addictions  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery manages to create another hit set in the friendly, festival-filled town of Fool's Gold. The sense of a strong community is very present in this installment in the series and readers get a chance to check in with favorite characters and meet new ones as Mallery continues to build her world. Mallery's characters exhibit very human faults and work through everyday problems to find what they are looking for in life."

- Romance Reviewz  FULL REVIEW

"This novel is full of hilarious misunderstandings, a vulnerable, yet strong heroine and plenty of real life problems. Readers who have never visited Mallery's Fools Gold, California will have no problem fitting into the small town with a big heart while they fall in love with this flawed-to-perfection couple."

- Morgan Doremus, RT Website Director  FULL REVIEW

"My favorite Fool’s Gold book to date!... Two of a Kind just hit all the right contemporary romance spots for me: fun, sweet, quirky, original, and emotionally stunning. Felicia and Gideon’s love story was the kind of bumpy ride that I enjoy reading about."

- The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

Fresh Fiction Fresh Pick Chosen by readers at Fresh Fiction as a Fresh Pick!

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"Felicia is much stronger a person and much more normal than she thinks. You watch her blossom and grow in this book. Kent and Gideon's sons are hilarious in their quest to get Gideon to figure out he loved Felicia. My heart melted a little bit every time Gideon and Felicia had scenes together. You just want it to work out because they've been through so much in their lives they deserve some happiness. Another brilliant addition to the Fools Gold series."

- Modokker Book Picks  FULL REVIEW

Rating: 4.5 HOT "I love how honest and blunt Felicia and Gideon are with each other. Their honesty is almost soul-bearing and harsh at times... This book will leave you happy – an aching kinda happy."

- A. Lyn, My Book Addictions and More  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "Susan Mallery has once again brought magic to Fools Gold... Felicia is such a brainiac and Gideon such a loner... You could almost feel the changes the two main characters were making throughout the story. All of Susan Mallery’s Fools Gold books can be read as a stand alone book, but it is such a wonderful series."

- Reading in Pajamas  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "Susan Mallery has once again brought magic to Fools Gold. Gideon and Felicia’s story was refreshing. Felicia is such a brainiac and Gideon such a loner. A love story with all of the elements, with a twist thrown in the mix to make the story all that much more enjoyable."

- Reading in Pajamas  FULL REVIEW

"Two of a Kind is my favorite Fool’s Gold novel yet! I absolutely loved Felicia. She was so honest and funny without even trying. As a character she was quite different than most female characters today."

- Aubrey, Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW


"Mallery re-visits popular Fool’s Gold and offers yet another sweet, sexy story with alpha hero Justice and never-forgotten girl-next-door heroine Patience... Mallery delivers another engaging romance in magical Fool’s Gold."

- Kirkus Reviews  FULL REVIEW

JUST ONE KISS was selected as a Fresh Pick by readers at!

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"JUST ONE KISS is as good as it gets in the contemporary romance genre. Charming characters, engaging plot and the wonderful hometown setting."

- Debra Taylor, The Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

4½ stars! "The warmth and inclusiveness of this charming town is on full display as Mallery ropes in another reluctant hero. No question Mallery has struck pure gold with this long-running and delightful series!"

- Jill M. Smith, RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"I was totally charmed and I can pretty much call Just One Kiss my favorite Mallery book so far. A delicious couple that can’t keep their hands off each other, strong female bonds, a little suspense, and a celebration of small town living. With the warmer weather on its way, I can’t imagine a better pairing than a vacation and a Mallery romance."

- Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "I have to admit this is my first Susan Mallery book. Yes I started with book 11(crazy i know!!!). But I loved this story and loved Susan’s writing. This was a great book. Easily read as a stand alone. I never felt lost at any time in Just One Kiss. But I do plan on going back and reading the first 10 books in the Fool’s Gold series."

- Kelly, Books-n-Kisses  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "I do not have enough words to describe how awesome I thought this book is... This series is absolutely amazing!"

- Jenelle's Book Shelf  FULL REVIEW

Top Pick in Romance! "Susan Mallery’s small town of Fool’s Gold always offers romance and fun, and her latest novel set there, Just One Kiss, provides satisfying portions of both... An endearing romance and intriguing new characters make Mallery’s latest a must-read."

- Author Christie Ridgway, Book Page  FULL REVIEW

"Read this book! Even if you have not read any of the other Fool's Gold books...If you have not jumped up on the Mallery Train you are so missing out! Patience is the funniest character! ...Susan Mallery KNOWS how to tell a story that has you enthralled."

- Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy  FULL REVIEW

"Susan is a go to author for me (always), one of my favorites, especially when I am looking to come down from that intense read. Her stories always offer sweet romance, spicy chemistry and just enough drama to keep you coming back for more. I can't remember a time her writing has disappointed me, and Just One Kiss is absolutely no exception. Book 11 is written just as engaging as book 1. The town of Fool's Gold never fails to capture my attention and keep me held hostage until the last page."

- Living in a Fictional World  FULL REVIEW

"This is the 11th book in the Fool’s Gold series but readers can pick it up and fall in love with this town even if they haven’t read the previous books. Susan does a wonderful job of introducing this town to new readers in each book without rehashing all the details that loyal readers have already read. I really enjoy reading childhood-friends-turned-lovers stories. Patience and Justice are a really cute couple."

- Bookies  FULL REVIEW

"I adored this story. I always worry that with long standing series like this, the books can start to get old and feel recycled. However, this book felt fresh and new... I thought Patience was wonderful. If I could choose the kind of best friend to have, it would be someone like Patience. She was so down-to-earth and fun and loyal. She loved Justice from the moment they first met, and she never really stopped."

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery's JUST ONE KISS is a quick reading contemporary romance with another heartwarming story about the people in Fool's Gold... There were twists and turns to the storyline along with nice closure and a happily ever after that I was rooting for."

- Romance Junkies  FULL REVIEW

"Patience is a delight—warm, funny, loyal, and resolute, and Justice, whose blond, blue-eyed good looks are the antithesis of his inner darkness, is not only a hunk but also a man of courage and decency, capable of more tenderness and love than he realizes."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

4½ Hearts! "Susan Mallery is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors... I definitely recommend checking out this cute, charming, friends-to-lovers romance. And feel assured that even though this is book eleven in the series, you can still read any of the books independently and be able to follow along perfectly."

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

"Another captivating addition to the Fool’s Gold series that will warm your heart... Susan Mallery is one of my go-to authors when I need something light and romantic."

- Dark Faerie Tales  FULL REVIEW

"Justice is the true heart of this novel. He's a tough guy, wounded by circumstances outside his control, determined not to draw Patience into the maelstrom of his life. He's also great in bed. But -- like all the best heroes -- what he's feeling there is something deeper than lust..."

- Eloisa James  FULL REVIEW

"Overall, what makes Malley’s newest trip to Fool’s Gold so engrossing is its focus on family—both the one you’re born with and the one you choose. A nice escape into a world where someone always has your back, a soothing latte or margarita in hand, Just One Kiss is a pleasant summer read for anyone who has yearned for an idyllic small town life."

- Alyssa Morris, Kindle Daily Post  FULL REVIEW

5 Mugs! "This is a delightfully well-written romance with characters that are charismatic and alluring. Another great visit to Fool’s Gold – thanks Susan."

- Books Books and More Books  FULL REVIEW

"I love the reconnection of Patience and Justice who 'liked' each other as teenagers, but were unexpectedly separated. Their rekindled romance was sweet and steamy!"

- The Book Momster  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars "This is a book all fans of contemporary romance should pick up! You won’t be sorry, just be warned once you meet the people of Fool’s Gold you’ll be hooked! A MUST have read for this summer and always."

- My Book Addictions  FULL REVIEW

"I absolutely adore this series, and the characters that Mallery has created within this world. Susan is a go to author for me (always), one of my favorites, especially when I am looking to come down from that intense read. Her stories always offer sweet romance, spicy chemistry and just enough drama to keep you coming back for more."

- Tammy and Kim Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A+ "I LOVED IT! I know. I say that about all of Susan Mallery’s books but this is absolutely one of my favorites! Ms. Mallery, as always, is a great writer but when I dig into this series I just feel like I’m transported into Fool’s Gold and I’m a part of their family."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"I have read every single Fool’s Gold novel as soon as they came out. I adored Just One Kiss and was not disappointed in the latest addition to Fool’s Gold series."

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

4½ Stars! "Susan Mallery writes good characters! I always seem to fall for them and in this case I was already rooting hard for Patience. She is such a wonderful character and a great mom. She deserved a HEA of epic proportions and I think Justice was just the man to fill that bill... Fool’s Gold is my “comfort” read series! This will go down as one of my favorites from the series!"

- The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

Rating: 4.5 HOT "Be ready to go through just about every human emotion as you are reading this book. You will be laughing, sympathizing, loving, crying, holding on to the edge of your seat…..seriously this is a charming, intriguing read with lots of complexity."

- A. Lyn, My Book Addictions and More  FULL REVIEW

"Love, passion, family, friends, community and mystery were all captured in Just One Kiss. I love how Susan Mallery makes you feel like you are part of her books. Just the right amount of everything."

- Reading in Pajamas  FULL REVIEW

"It's amazing that with a long-standing series, Susan Mallery is able to continue to bring us new, fresh stories with each new book. This latest brings us the romance of Patience and Justice. What I loved about them is that they were friends back in high school and have reconnected... plus we get to visit our favorite fictitious town, Fool's Gold - if only this place really existed!"

- Always with a Book


"In her second “Blackberry Island” novel (after Barefoot Season), Mallery has again created an engrossing tale of emotional growth and the healing power of friendship as these three “sisters” meet life’s challenges."

- Library Journal  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars "When [the three heroines] combine their strengths, they achieve small miracles, with each of them somehow finding exactly what they most needed. Sharing, giving, and taking: such is the nature of women. Three Sisters is a very enjoyable look at how women work little miracles nearly every day."

- Kelly Ferjutz, San Francisco Book Review  FULL REVIEW

Top 13 New Books of 2013! The story of three women who have bought the famed Three Sisters Queen Anne Houses on Blackberry Island, a place where they find friendship, heartbreak, romance, laughter and tears.

- Christine Zika, Editor-in-Chief, Rhapsody Book Club  FULL REVIEW

March 2013: One of the Best Books of the Month!

June 2013: One of the Best Books of the Year (So Far)

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery gives us a candid, honest look into the turmoil of family life when tragedies and personal crisis' occur. Welcome back to Blackberry Island. So nice to meet these newest additions to this lovely tourist town and visit with some old friends. Mallery never disappoints her readers and THREE SISTERS is no exception. It's a winner and should be on everyone's short list of must reads."

- Sandra, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"Can their newly formed friendship help these women deal with family tragedy, marital difficulties, and their quest for true love? A romantic charmer."

- Cincinnati Public Library  FULL REVIEW

"Did you ever just finish a book, sigh deeply, and think: GEE I REALLY NEEDED THAT? This is exactly how I felt with Susan Mallery’s latest, Three Sisters... friendship, hot moments, and glimpse at adults who really have to make the effort to move forward in their lives to find happiness. As always, a Mallery read is all in good fun!"

- Rather Be Reading  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 hearts! "I was pulled in from the very first word of the story and was captivated until the very end! The characters are flawed but are very easy to relate to. The romance is tender and sweet. I found myself cheering on each of the couples as they worked toward their happily ever after. I highly recommend this highly engrossing read to those who are looking for a book about love and friendship, grief and loss, family ties, and small town life!"

- Harlequin Junkie  FULL REVIEW

"Three Sisters is a 5 stars read, must buy and a definite Good Choice for Reading."

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"I always enjoy Susan Mallery’s women's fiction novels... In each woman’s life is a man who is both part of her brokenness and essential to her healing... It’s a process, but a process with a happy ending in sight."

- Heroes and Heartbreakers

"This is real life encompassed in one single book. How Susan Mallery got through the writing of this book with all the emotions she poured into it I will never know but I am glad she did. I am a better person for “knowing” these three women."

- Kimberly, Books N Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"...a touching and heartfelt novel that is deeply compelling and full of emotion... Three Sisters is a captivating novel about friendship, facing fears, overcoming tragedy and finding the courage to love again. This installment of the Blackberry Island series can be read as a standalone story, but you won’t want to miss a single book in this delightfully heartwarming series."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW

"Get out your tissues and prepare to be seated until you finish this book!"

- Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy  FULL REVIEW

5 Ravens! "Susan Mallery has penned an emotional journey that is rough, but realistic... Every woman who reads Three Sisters will be able to identify with at least one of these characters, if not all."

- Black Raven's Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"I’m a newcomer to Susan Mallery’s books but that just gives me more of her backlist to look forward to reading... [In Three Sisters], there was humor, heart, and real life. I believed these women could be living on an island, making margaritas, and encouraging each other. None of them pretend to have all the answers. Or any answers. But that’s what made them likeable and made me root for them. I loved this one."

- Live Vi-Carrie-ous  FULL REVIEW

"This emotional read will have you laughing, crying, and even get you angry. However, such is life. It's whether or not you come out of it a stronger person or shrink within yourself that ultimately decides your fate. Well-written characters and a beauty of a location, this is a great read to treat yourself to!"

- Frugal Plus  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 bookmarks! "Three Sisters isn’t necessarily a love story. All the characters are trying to find love, or the love they used to have, but this book is more about growth. It’s about family, finding yourself, healing and moving forward from troubled times... It’s a book you just can’t put down... reminds me of Kristin Hannah’s books."

- The Kari Annalysis  FULL REVIEW

Solid 5/5 stars! "Mallery has given readers a captivating tale of romance with her own unique twist that will have you hooked to the very last page."

- Confessions of a Booky Monster  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this book!! Having moved into a new community within the last year, I know how important it is to form friendships with your neighbors... This was an easy read and very enjoyable. It made me laugh and cry. A great read!! The characters all came to life for me and I could relate to each of them in one way or another."

- Mommy Has to Work  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Susan Mallery has penned an emotional journey that is rough, but realistic. Andi, Deanna, and Boston leap off the pages as real women with serious problems who are simply trying to survive and make things better in their lives... I’m amazed at the depth of this story as each character is forced to deal with some serious and difficult situations that left me raw and emotional just reading about them."

- AJ's Reading Nook  FULL REVIEW

"Great book... If you are looking for a book to read that tugs at the emotional strings but shows how strong woman can be with their emotions, and changing, and just going with the flow, I highly recommend that you pick up Three Sisters."

- Being Alison  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery writes immensely relatable characters and makes you became completely engrossed in their stories and lives. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about female friendships. With two hits for me in a row, Mallery is fast becoming one of my favorite authors!"

- Amused by Books  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery is an author who never disappoints... Susan Mallery never fails to pull a plethora of emotions with her stories, and this book was no exception. I laughed; I cried; I got mad. I LOVED IT!"

- Sugarbook Club  FULL REVIEW

"I've read a lot of Susan Mallery's other books and always know I am in for a treat when I pick up her books. She seems to write from the heart and always manages to tug at my heartstrings... I love how Susan Mallery creates such real, life-like characters with problems that you can easily relate to."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this book! It has so many elements that touch my heart and funny bone... Each of the women in the three houses goes through their own different crises. But through it all they learn, grow, and laugh. By the end of the book, the Three Sisters describes the women as much as it describes their homes."

- Kelly's Lucky You  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has a gift for bringing well-written fiction to her readers that feature stories that will resonate and linger with them for a long time afterwards. Three Sisters is such a story."

- Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"First off, I am brand new to Susan Mallery and after reading Three Sisters, I'll definitely be diving into her other works. Three Sisters has three point of views from three women going through a phase in their lives where they are tested and pushed to their emotional brinks. I absolutely loved this book."

- Beach Bum Reads  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars "Three different women from three different walks of life are brought together into a sisterhood in this very compelling book... Susan Mallery has a way of drawing her readers in and keeping them captivated in the character of her books... I laughed, cried and was very happy with the way the the book ended."

- Mommy Book Nerds  FULL REVIEW

"I lose all sense of time when I read any of [Susan Mallery's] stories, and I think that’s genius. I was able to get lost in the details of the characters, the plot, and everything in between... Mallery’s Three Sisters is a perfect weekend read."

- Dark Faerie Tales  FULL REVIEW

"Three Sisters really is a book that has it all. Amazing characters, beautiful setting, and touching stories…what more could you ask for? I look forward to more books from Susan Mallery set in this wonderful island."

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

5 stars! "In Three Sisters, Susan Mallery once again brings readers a story packed full of emotion, delivered in her unforgettable style of smart dialogue, compelling characters, and heartfelt narrative... For readers looking for a book of depth and emotion, Susan Mallery’s Three Sisters is not to be missed."

- Julie Johnson, Book Trib  FULL REVIEW

"I laughed, I cried, I loved it! ... Recommended: without hesitation."

- The Eclectic Reader  FULL REVIEW

“…interesting complexity… and witty quips make this one fun to read.”

- Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times  FULL REVIEW

"I was able to relate to all three of the women in the book in one way or another. I looked forward to getting back into the story each time I was able to and finding out how each of their stories unfolded…and of course, how they came together... I will definitely look for other books by this author."

- Play 2 Learn with Sarah  FULL REVIEW

"I really enjoyed this second book in the Blackberry Island Series. While reading it, I experienced heartbreak, joy, anxiety and grief... If you haven't read the first in the series, Barefoot Season,don't worry, this can really be read as a stand alone novel. But I do highly recommend the series as a whole."

- Kari, From the TBR Pile  FULL REVIEW


"Mallery’s Christmas romance brings two lonely hearts together in the enchanting, magical community of Fool’s Gold... neither Dante nor Evie is ready for the soul-searing attraction they share or the slow-building connection they feel to the town... A sweet, heartwarming Christmas romance with engaging characters, a family-redemption arc and a winning seasonal charm that will delight most genre fans."

- Kirkus Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"As Evie tries to forgive her family for a tough childhood and Dante wonders whether he can risk his heart, both experience the closeness and camaraderie of a small town where everyone pulls together. This sweet Christmas treat is a pleasant introduction to Mallery’s popular series."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"Another winner from Susan Mallery. The Stryker brothers are all paired off so it's time for little sister Evie. And who better than Rafe's partner Dante Jefferson. Evie has been through a lot in her short life and Dante is the perfect man for her... but will he figure that out! Lovely Christmas story from one of my favorite romance writers!"

- Mysteries Etc  FULL REVIEW

5 Orchids! "I quite simply adored this book... true to Susan Mallery form in that it was funny, fun and sweet. You leave the book with a warm happy feeling of a good Happily Ever After!"

- Let's Get Romantical!  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery sure knows how to pick the perfect mates for her heroes and heroines, and these two are a special pair. I loved the magic of the season, the sparks that ignite when Evie and Dante are together, and the romantic ending to a beautiful story. Dante might just be my favorite Fool's Gold hero!"

- A Tasty Read  FULL REVIEW

"Ms. Mallery has cemented herself as one of my must read authors! Fans of her Fool’s Gold series are in for a delightful and funny treat this holiday season... The story is so hilarious. Evie and Dante have the best banter with one another that I’ve read in a long time. I liked that they caught on to one another’s jokes immediately. It makes the romance a bit lighter. The friends-to-lover trope is executed perfectly in this story."

- The Season for Romance  FULL REVIEW

"This book TOTALLY ROCKED. The repartee between Evie and Dante is simply delicious. Mallery hits every note with this one. While I’ve loved all the Fool’s Gold books, this one left me crying, smiling, and not ready for it to be over. IMHO, this is the best one yet. Don’t miss it."

- Everybody Needs a Little Romance  FULL REVIEW

"I could not put this book down. This is the 10th in the series and I have loved everyone of them but there is just something extra special about Fool’s Gold at Christmas time. I wanted to walk the streets, see the decorations of the town and watch the performance on Christmas Eve. I wanted to drink peppermint martinis at Evie’s house with the girls and wanted to walk up to Dante and hug him after smacking him upside the head. Mallery has a way of transporting you to the town of Fool’s Gold and as a reader you can feel the love she has for her (unfortunately) imagined town which makes the reader love it, too."

- Kimberly, Books N Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"A Fool’s Gold Christmas was one of my favorite Fool’s Gold novels to date. It’s a great cozy romance that will put you in the mood for the holidays. Fool’s Gold is my go-to comfort series. I look forward to each new release and I’m definitely looking forward to the next trio of books – Just One Kiss, Two of a Kind, and Three Little Words."

- The Book Vixen  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery is my go-to for a feel good read!... Without gushing too much, I’ll just leave it to this… read this one! (Preferably in your pajamas, on your couch, with a big mug of hot cocoa!)"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Another fantastic read from Susan Mallery."

- CataRomance  FULL REVIEW

"A Fool's Gold Christmas is another good addition to the Fool's Gold series, that you don't want to miss!"

- My Book Obsession  FULL REVIEW

"What a perfect holiday romance!... [Dante is] Another fantastic character who has some heartbreaking history that makes his (fictional) reality so much more inspiring and wonderful. This is a guy who's pulled himself out of the muck to become so much more."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Dante is willing to play devil’s advocate where her family is concerned, and from his own jaded past helps Evie find out what she has been missing all along, her family... Another fantastic read from Susan Mallery!"

- Single Titles  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery’s gift is her ability to bring characters to life. She creates people that are vibrant, detailed, and realistic - they always leap off the page.... A Fool’s Gold Christmas is a rich, engaging romance that will definitely get you in the mood for the holidays. It can stand on its own, but for readers of Mallery’s other Fool’s Gold novels this is also a nice chance to catch up with old friends and get a glimpse of those to come. If you haven’t been to Fool’s Gold before, don’t let that intimidate you. Pick this one up – you’ll be happy you did … and will want to visit often."

- Book Trib  FULL REVIEW

"A Fool’s Gold Christmas, the tenth book in the Fool’s Gold series, is just what I needed to get me in the [holiday] spirit. With likeable characters, a town that’s become as dear to me as where I live, and enough emotional angst to draw you in, this is a book which won’t disappoint even the biggest scrooge."

- Two Lips Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This is the tenth book in Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series, and the stories are still fresh and fun. Evie and Dante with their hidden vulnerabilities are both endearing characters. They are wonderful together. I especially enjoyed the conversations filled with the mix of wit and affection and revelation that made me believe these two people were not only falling in love but building a real friendship. I also loved watching Evie fall in love with Fool’s Gold, her students, and her place in a family... If you’re looking for a Christmas read with a lot of warmth, a generous dash of sizzle, and a happy ending that has several strings in its bow, I definitely recommend this one."

- The Romance Dish  FULL REVIEW

"With humor, a touch of angst when necessary, and heavy doses of holiday sentimentality, Mallery gives her readers a warm, fun, sexy, touching romance. Charming and sweet."

- One Good Book Deserves Another  FULL REVIEW

A FOOL'S GOLD CHRISTMAS was chosen as a Fresh Pick by readers at

- Fresh Fiction

"In Hold Me, Susan Mallery once again works her magic and provides readers with another enchanting addition to the Fool’s Gold series. All of the characters are multi-faceted with relatable flaws and believable problems to overcome...another fun and heartfelt novel that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys sweet and steamy contemporary romances."

- Book Reviews and More by Kathy  FULL REVIEW


"The dangers of basing opinions on appearance are examined from both angles in Mallery's newest Fool's Gold book. For both the hero and heroine, being judged or discounted because of their appearances has led to challenges and some emotional scars. Mallery does her usual excellent job of giving readers a funny, warm-hearted story that is edged with cutting emotion!"

- RT Book Reviews

Grade: A "...incredibly written and I really enjoyed the two of them together. They're friends and they give each other sass like friends do. It's a nice, easy, fun relationship, and no one is more surprised to find that it's more than each of them. This book was so good!"

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

Rating: A "Mallery has proven once again that she deserves her spot on NYT Bestsellers list & I can’t wait to see who will be falling in love in Fool’s Gold next!"

- Red Hot Books  FULL REVIEW

"Charlie is tough—physically and mentally—because she thinks she has to be... Clay is a pretty face…or at least that’s what everybody sees but he wants more. He’s retired from his butt double work (that’s a young man’s game, says the 30 y/o hero!). He hold a college degree and has some ideas of what he’d like to do next... Mallery does a brilliant job getting into the character’s head, into her thoughts... A very good book."

- Everybody Needs a Little Romance  FULL REVIEW

"All Summer Long is going down as one of my favorites in the Fool’s Gold series... I adored pretty much everything about it from beginning to end."

- Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this book! It’s my favorite in the series. Both Clay and Charlie are wonderful characters, richly drawn with layers of complexity and genuine likeability... Clay, of course, is fantastic looking, but he’s much more than just a hot hunk. He’s strong, intelligent, and gentle with a great sense of humor, unexpected sensitivity, and genuine niceness. The latter is a quality that is sometimes underrated. His feelings about his dead wife and his past conflict with Rafe give him depth, but it is his understanding of what it means to be judged by appearance that makes him an unusual hero. Romance fiction is filled with beautiful heroines who are objectified and written off as lacking value beyond their beauty; it is much rarer to find a hero in this role... And speaking of endings, this one is guaranteed to bring a joyful sigh to romantic readers. If you’ve never read Susan Mallery, start with this book. It is Mallery at her finest. I highly recommend it."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

"All Summer Long is by far my favorite Fool’s Gold book so far... It was a bit steamier that the last few and that was just fine with me. The sparks between Clay and Charlie are amazing. As always, I highly recommend this series for a feel good read with real life issues along the way."

- Lisa's World of Books  FULL REVIEW

"I think this might just be one of my favorite Fool's Gold books ever. I enjoyed every page of All Summer Long, and found myself on the seat of my pants in anticipation of when Charlie and Clay would finally get together. This was such a fun read, and ANYONE will enjoy the blooming romance between Clay and Charlie. I highly recommend this book, and I hope that you all fall in love with Clay as much as I did."

- A Tasty Read  FULL REVIEW

"I will not delve into what Charlie's true problem is, but I'll say that it really captures the pain she's lived with in childhood and her college years. It really helps explain why she's so strong, and even stubborn, without ever showing a weak side. Once again, the romance is spectacular."

- Roundtable Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"The love story was beautiful... Their gradual feelings for each other was realistic and the intensity of the attraction was obvious... my favorite Fool’s Gold Hero and this is my favorite Fool’s Gold book. We need more like this, please."

- Gone Pecan LA  FULL REVIEW

"Their interactions are so real and natural from an early point, and this is why their story is so beautiful... if you are looking for a feel-good, security-blanket, heart-felt book? The Fool’s Gold series is for you! And in my humble opinion? All Summer Long is the best of the 9."

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"More than just a pretty face (and butt), [Clay] is a kind-hearted, down-to-earth, intelligent and surprisingly insightful man... All Summer Long is a moving and heartfelt story about healing the past. It is also a beautiful romance that is slow-growing, sweet and most important, realistic. Susan Mallery handles a difficult and sensitive topic with exquisite care in a believable and forthright manner."

- Book Reviews and More  FULL REVIEW

"Once again Susan Mallery brings to life characters so real they feel like long-time friends, in a story that is both touching & funny. All Summer Long is a wonderful addition to the Fool’s Gold saga and I highly recommend picking it up."

- Book Trib  FULL REVIEW


"The second of the back-to-back releases featuring the Stryker siblings humorously adds horses and elephants to the romantic mix -- Khatar and Priscilla are scene stealers extraordinaire. Things are never dull in Fool's Gold, and it's a joy to keep up with previous protagonists while exploring new relationships. Settle in for a funny and delightful experience!"

- RT Book Reviews

"What made this book for me was Shane and Annabelle's sarcastic senses of humor. Both of them constantly had little quips and thoughts throughout the book which kept me giggling... There's great dialogue and chemistry between these two and the whole tone of the book stays happy and quirky."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"An all around fun love story!"

- Lisa's World of Books  FULL REVIEW

"A great summer romance that has a little drama, a little humor and keeps the readers interest all the way through."

- I Mainline Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"Shane, oh Shane, so incredibly sexy, so incredibly sweet, so incredibly a cowboy, so incredibly almost perfect if only you weren’t so dense. Shane was once married to a not so nice female who cheated mercilessly and always had to be the center of attention. So now he’s looking for a nice sedate woman who doesn’t set his blood on fire. So when he see’s Annabelle dancing on a bar, he knows she’s not the woman for him... Annabelle is cute, feisty and stubborn, once she gets her claws into an idea she does what she needs to see it through... a light fun read, great for the summer. There is nothing not to like about this charming book, you’ll be sucked into Fools Gold like everyone else."

- Let's Get Romantical!  FULL REVIEW

"Summer Nights has got to be Susan Mallery’s steamiest book in the Fool’s Gold series to date! I found it completely fun, flirty, and sexy. Shane Stryker was a breath of fresh air. He started off this book by falling completely in lust with our heroine, Annabelle. We don’t get to read many books where the guy completely loses it over the girl right off the bat! It was satisfying reading about him stumbling for words in her presence. And oh, my lord, was Shane Stryker a sexy character once you got him alone in a bedroom!! Wowza!"

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"This is the 8th book in Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series, but the first that I've read. Now, if you know anything about my reading habits, I usually do not like jumping into a series in the middle. However, when I was offered the opportunity to review this book, I was told that each book in the series was written as a standalone, so I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed... Shane and Annabelle's story is one you don't want to miss - it's hot, steamy, and filled with obstacles at every turn."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"Shane and Annabelle’s relationship is outstanding. This book made me laugh and cry and cry from laughing so many times... this is my favorite Fool’s Gold novel!"

- Words Are Inner Music  FULL REVIEW

"A fun book with some rockin' sex scenes!"

- Cupcake on Books  FULL REVIEW

"No one sets you up for a good laugh better than Susan Mallery -- that's why her books are a joy to read and keepers. Uplifting and sensuous with just the right amount of personal drama and angst, page after page an all around good read -- as usual."

- Sandra, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"I really, really enjoyed reading about Shane and Annabelle's journey to finding the one they long to be with... Summer Nights is so far my favorite of the Summer Trilogy, but I have one more to go, so Charlie, our beloved fire woman, might just show me a thing or two about love. I recommend the Summer Trilogy in the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallery if you are looking for a great beach read, or just a read that leaves you feeling good."

- A Tasty Read  FULL REVIEW

5 stars! "Shane is so stuck in his ways as a horse trainer that it is really sweet to see him open up and become a bigger part of the community. The way that Annabelle helps him and her passion for book and Fool's Gold is unparalleled. I really believe they complement each other perfectly. Be ready for some steamy scenes in this one. Mallery does not disappoint in that area! Another great addition to the Fool's Gold Series that you will not want to miss! Contemporary Romance at its best!"

- My Reading Addiction  FULL REVIEW

5 stars! "I am a huge fan of the Fool's Gold series, I just adore the town, the people, everything about it. I want to be a part of it. Walk the streets, know the people, see the sights. It sounds like such a fabulous place to be a raise a family and settle down. Susan Mallery has a way about her writing that makes you fall in love with it all. It all feels so real and well, just wonderful... I don't think there was a minute of this book that I didn't enjoy, even the sad gut wrenching suspenseful moments wondering if Shane and Annabelle would finally pull it together and just be together and declare their love for one another already. Mallery did an amazing job with this one. I knew it was going to be good but not this good."

- My Guilty Obession  FULL REVIEW

"Summer Nights is book 8 of Susan Mallery's popular Fool's Gold series. If you're unfamiliar with the town, don't worry, this book does stand alone... Shane and Annabelle both have demons from their past. Watching them struggle with past relationships was fun and the chemistry between this pair is strong from the start. Shane is every woman's fantasy cowboy. He's sexy, strong, smart, and his interactions with local children warmed my heart. Annabelle's tough too. She's been through a messy marriage where she was more of an object than cherished wife, and her determination to be loved is clear. Romance readers will love the internal struggle both face."

- Roundtable Reviews  FULL REVIEW

6 out of 5 smirks! "Summer Nights by Susan Mallery is a story about giving up the past in order to move on with your future... I give Summer Nights by Susan Mallery 6 smirks because I'm helplessly addicted to Fool's Gold, the characters, and the stories that continue to grow there."

- A Snarky Space  FULL REVIEW

"The chemistry between these two was perfect, and at time very, very HOT! This is my first book by Susan Mallery and you better believe I will be reading more. So if your looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, and fan yourself then this is the story for you."

- Paranormal Wastelands  FULL REVIEW

"If you have never read Susan Mallery’s Fools Gold Series, where have you been? Susan Mallery was the author who got me to read contemporary romance. Before that I was a paranormal romance reader only... Annabelle’s love of life and her ability to make Shane do things that he never thought he would makes for a thoroughly enjoyable book. This book made me in parts laugh out loud and in certain parts had me almost in tears. I loved it."

- Magical Musings  FULL REVIEW

"The sexual chemistry between them burns hot and their lovemaking is incredibly passionate. The dialogue between them is playful and witty... Strong family ties, close friendships and a sense of community are the heart and soul of Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series."

- Book Reviews and More  FULL REVIEW


"Mallery thrives at creating a world that you want to live in and characters you want to be friends with (or you just want to be). If you have never visited Fool’s Gold this is a good place to start. The world as she has created it is referenced but you do not need to have read the previous books to be able to enjoy this one. Be forewarned, though, that once you enter Fool’s Gold you will want to return again and again."

- Book Trib  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars! "Mallery has a way of making you feel like you are a part of this small town and you're just watching everything from the sidelines waiting for your story to be told... great summer reads."

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Summer Days follows Heidi Simpson, owner of Castle Ranch, and wealthy businessman Rafe Stryker. An unexpected land dispute brings together two very different people who are trying to save the family they love. Their hearts, home and family are on the line as we revisit the quaint town of Fools Gold. Characters from the previous books make appearances in another satisfying Susan Mallery romance."

- Cassandra, Librarian at Mary Jacobs Library  FULL REVIEW

"This is actually my first Fools Gold novel and I'm quite sad I didn’t get in on this series way before now. This book was a light, fun, sweet read with some humor thrown in... Even without having read the first 6 books in this series I was never lost as I was immersed in this fun town of Fools Gold."

- Let's Get Romantical!  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars "What a heartwarming story about what we do for those we love. Glen, Heidi, and May are such great people inside and out... I hope the rest of the Stryker family is next in the Fool's Gold series. I am definitely wanting to know what happens with Clay, Evie, and Shane!"

- My Reading Addiction  FULL REVIEW

"As with all of Susan’s books, this was a great read from start to finish. We got to catch up on some of the inhabitants of Fool’s Gold from previous books while getting a glimpse of what is to come in the series all the while getting to know Rafe and Heidi... Being that Fool’s Gold is the land of happy endings, Summer Days certainly gives you one. It’s nice to read a book where the character’s are real people with real issues and I lift a glass to Susan for giving her readers yet another enjoyable read while keeping us in a place that we continually wish was real."

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

"The perfect summer read!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery once again gives her readers an emotionally complex story that is quite captivating and tremendously entertaining...Summer Days is a truly wonderful story about family, friendship and love. The sex scenes between Rafe and Heidi are deliciously steamy and filled with passion. The tantalizing glimpses of Rafe’s siblings are quite intriguing and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Mallery has planned for them."

- Book Reviews and More  FULL REVIEW

"This is a fantastic book!! I have been a fan of Susan Mallery's work for quite some time and she has yet to disappoint me. I literally couldn't put this book down (bad idea when reading at work). The story of Rafe and Heidi was so wonderful, and the quirkiness of each character made them so life like that I hated to see the ending come sooner than I wanted."

- Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Oh, how I adore Fool’s Gold! ... [SUMMER DAYS] had me laughing and it had me shedding a tear for Heidi... be warned once you visit Fool’s Gold you will return again and again."

- Books N Kisses  FULL REVIEW

"SUMMER DAYS is the first of three delightful stories about trusting your heart and listening less to your head. Smart people tend to justify their feelings or lack of them with very detailed reasons which usually works to keep them from being vulnerable -- a state they adamantly avoid. Vulnerability equals weakness. True Mallery magic weaving a wonderful tale about giving up control and finding love where you least expect it."

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"All Heidi wants is a place she can call home but when her newly bought piece of paradise is in jeopardy she finds that home is less a place to reside but who resides in it with you... Deep down Rafe has a heart of gold and a very strong will that made me love him…most of the time. A fierce protector of his family he sees the wrongs that he has done in his past and I was pleasantly pleased at the way he choose to handle his mistakes. Another hit in the Fools Gold Series I just can’t get enough of this town and the people in it. I can’t wait to read the next one."

- Judging a Book by Its Pages  FULL REVIEW

"Summer Days was a great addition to the Fool’s Gold series. It works as a stand alone read as well but it’s nice to start from the beginning to get familiar with the town and its residents. Susan Mallery is my go-to author when I’m in the mood for a cozy contemporary romance. Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will appreciate the small town setting and the bond between the community as well as a blooming romance between two people as they fall in love."

- The Book Vixen  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Stars! "Summer Days was probably my favorite Susan Mallery book... a fun read!"

- Jen in Bookland  FULL REVIEW

"...perfect for the summer. Sweet, heartwarming, real and just, well, all kinds of wonderful."

- My Guilty Obession  FULL REVIEW

"Of course I loved the book. Why? To start with, it’s a Fool’s Gold book. The characters that inhabit this town are priceless and fun. I especially love Mayor Marsha. I like to think that there is a town like this somewhere and I wish I could move there."

- Gone Pecan LA  FULL REVIEW

"[Heidi's] grandfather sells part of the ranch that he doesn't even own to raise money for a friend who is fighting cancer. That's when the trouble starts. Rafe comes in now all rich and successful to claim the ranch for his mom. The money is gone so Heidi can't pay it back. She might lose her first and only real home. The judge decides to make them share for a while and look into the case more and that's when the fun starts. This was a fun book."

- Modokker Book Picks  FULL REVIEW


"Gritty and magical, angst-ridden and sweet, this coming-home story by bestseller Mallery (Only His) pulls no punches... Mallery adds layer upon layer to the women’s history, while revealing the raw core of each with expert pacing guaranteed to keep a reader up way past bedtime to see how it all works out."

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"With a compelling twist on the wounded war hero story and an intense exploration of what makes up a family, Mallery has set the bar high for the books to follow in her new Blackberry Island series. The characters — both furry and human — come to life in their small-town setting and will touch readers' hearts and funny bones."

- RT Book Reviews

"BAREFOOT SEASON will appeal to book clubs (great discussion topics abound!) and fans of Barbara Delinsky and Jodi Picoult. Susan Mallery weaves a tale of broken friendship with enough twists and turns to keep even the most seasoned reader of commercial women’s fiction guessing about where the story will lead."

- Book Reporter  FULL REVIEW

"With this debut volume in her new series, best-selling author Mallery (Already Home) skillfully reveals insights into each woman’s life to create a poignant tale of forgiveness, friendship renewed, and family. For Mallery and Debbie Macomber fans."

- Library Journal  FULL REVIEW

"A character-driven tale of complex relationships, the costs of forgiveness, and the abiding security we can find, lose and rediscover within the complexity of feminine friendships... With strong characters, a vivid sense of place and intricate relational dynamics Barefoot Season will hold its own against best-selling women's fiction titles and please fans of mainstream romance as well. The first book in Susan Mallery's new Blackberry Island series, Barefoot Season is a well-written story of healing, letting go, and making room in your heart for hope."


"I thought this was a beautiful story about growth between friends."

- Single Titles  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is a story about friendships and hardships, about letting go and moving forward. It’s about overcoming obstacles that seem unimaginable. And guess what? It even had some romance in it after all. :) It turned out to be more contemporary romance than I expected, which I was kind of really happy about."

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery never disappoints and in this book, she does an excellent job of creating two characters that in childhood have a common path, but have taken separate forks in adulthood... a very emotionally charged story that will stick with you for a long time, and Barefoot Season earns 5 hearts."

- The Romance Reader  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is a complex tale of betrayal and hurt... but love and trust finds its way to the forefront with a heartwarming read."

- Reader to Reader
"Mallery creates another delightful story with emotion and depth readers are bound to fall in love with... belongs on the keeper shelf, to be read over and over again."
- Long and Short Reviews  FULL REVIEW

A- "A really fantastic read... There are so many poignant, moving scenes in this book as well as minor romance story lines for the both girls. The scene when the dog comes on the scene with Michelle... bawling! Such an amazing scene. This is a book that makes you feel good to read it... It's about real emotions and real feelings and real life situations....set in a fictional book."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is the only book I've read that's about a female Army vet. Susan wrote Michelle's part so well that I felt like hugging her at times and comforting her. I also enjoyed Carly's character, she was spunky just like Michelle. When both Carly and Michelle were on the same page together, I knew someone was going to blow up! That's what you get when you put two strong minded women together in one room or should I say one page... A definite Good Choice for reading!"

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Michelle and Carly are both layered characters with complicated histories and imperfections... It’s a measure of Mallery’s skill that she could peel away the protective guises to reveal the hurting teenager who remained part of the tough, experienced soldier. And in Jared Tenley Mallery gives Michelle a hero perfect for her in every way."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

Five Heels! "Susan Mallery ... has NEVER let me down; I have loved every book of hers that I've read, and Barefoot Season is NO exception! It may be, in fact, my favorite book by her to date... great setting, great characters, great story!"

- Shoe Girl  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars! "Barefoot Season is a wonderful book... about finding oneself and freeing yourself from the past and learning to move on and finding love along the way."

- Sexy Book Nerds  FULL REVIEW

"A great start for this series... [BAREFOOT SEASON] was a beautifully written story and left me wanting to know what will happen next at Blackberry Island Inn."

- Lisa's World of Books  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "A beautiful novel that explores the complexities of friendship and exposes the unseen toll that war takes on soldiers. Carly and Michelle are engaging and sympathetic characters that are amazingly true to life. Their struggles and emotions are realistic and oftentimes, heartbreaking. Easily Ms. Mallery’s best work to date, I highly recommend this heartwarming and moving novel."

- Book Reviews and More  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5! "One of the best books I've read so far this year. It's about two friends finding their way back to each other. It's a love story too. It's about finding your way back from the brink of losing yourself and finding you're OK. It's a must read."

- Modokker Book Picks  FULL REVIEW

"I really love the careful way in which Ms. Mallery explains and explores the return of a soldier to civilian life... Yes, it deals with some weighty matters and topics, but the story itself is not heavy or depressing. There is a lightness to the story that shines through and a hopeful tone that resonates throughout the story."

- Contemporary Romance Writers  FULL REVIEW

"All in all, Barefoot Season is a wonderful read. Once I started, I could not put it down. While not your typical romance, there’s still enough for even the most devout fan. For those of you looking for a good book to use with your book club, Susan has even included questions for discussion at the end. Being that we all have had best friends, this story has a lot to offer to a group discussion setting.

I love an author who is in tune with her readers!"

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

"I’ve come to expect lots of emotion when reading books from Susan Mallery, and she totally delivers with Barefoot Season... While I think the relationship of Michelle and Carly was the one that grew and was really the most important one to this story, I loved watching each woman find the right man."

- Blogging by Liza  FULL REVIEW

"What I Loved: Barefoot Season managed to do so many things to me while reading: I laughed, cried, rooted for reconciliation, and got fighting mad during the middle. I am not usually a fan of women's fiction but if there were more like this I would gobble them up by the handfuls... I read the last 3 chapters 3 times because it was just a moving and fulfilling ending. I highly recommend this story to anyone who has had friendships that have been lost, gone through hard times, or is embarking on reconciliation with a friend. It truly left me thinking about miscommunication and things that happen in friendships to drive them apart!"

- Geeky Blogger  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is a wonderful story of friendship and healing that fans of Susan Mallery will really enjoy! Anyone looking for a good contemporary woman’s fiction should be sure to grab this heartfelt story!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is a moving portrait of a friendship in ruins, and a character study of two women with distinct scars, emotional and physical. It's a reunion story, but of women, friends whose relationship went down in flames. There is plenty of love to go around, so don't worry, romance fans. But in the tradition of the best women's fiction, the central story here is the road these two women must travel to be healed."

- Melanie Murray, Barnes and Noble  FULL REVIEW

"Normally Ms Mallery writes romance. I’ve read many things by her and liked them but was never really blown away by them; at least until today when I finished this novel. While the main characters may end up with their ‘happily ever after’ like any other romance, the road to the HEA is not what a romance reader is used to. Actually, I think it is selling this book short to classify it as a ‘romance’. It is so much more and so much better than a traditional romance and I will be recommending this book to anyone and everyone!"

- Books & Chat  FULL REVIEW

"Barefoot Season is a beautifully written story about the power of forgiveness and true friendship. The reader is taken on an emotional journey along with Michelle and Carly as they make their way back into each other's hearts... While the romance element isn't the central focus of the book, the love interests that both women find were sweet and made me sigh. I highly recommend this one. I can't wait to read the next Blackberry Island book!"

- From the TBR Pile  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "Barefoot Season brings to light the issues of friendship, betrayal, trust, loyalty and forgiveness."

- Manic Readers  FULL REVIEW

"A great character driven drama... with two wonderful estranged friends, a strong support cast and plenty of angst while keeping the romance as a secondary subplot, fans will appreciate the first visit to Blackberry Island."

- Genre Go Round Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"The characters are so alive, and the situations believable since the fallout of the actions of selfish people affect those around them in a myriad of ways... a top read for the year in contemporary women's novels and recommend it for anyone looking for more depth in a novel without a huge side of depression."

- Eclectic Reading  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "I completely devoured this book- reading it in one afternoon! It was wonderful to watch Michelle and Carly learn that they had to move on together – even though that’s the only thing they didn’t want."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"There are many layers to these two women which Susan Mallery peels away in a way that only she can. Barefoot Season is a wonderful story of friendship and healing that fans of Susan Mallery will really enjoy! Anyone looking for a good contemporary woman's fiction should be sure to grab this heartfelt story!"

- Yvonne the Librarian  FULL REVIEW

"Another great page-turner from Susan Mallery."

- Romance Novel News  FULL REVIEW

"BAREFOOT SEASON by Susan Mallery is women's fiction at its best - filled with engrossing characters you'll need to love, love to hate and root for wholeheartedly until the very end."

- Romance Junkies  FULL REVIEW

"Overall, this is a piece of chick lit with an intelligent perspective on PTSD in female soldiers and a dash of romance. Recommended to fans of the genre as well as those who enjoy a contemporary tale and want to dip their toe into the chick lit world."

- Opinions of a Wolf  FULL REVIEW

" emotional, compelling, and entertaining novel about two women who learn to deal with their past... The characters were fabulous!!"

- From Me to You Reviews  FULL REVIEW

4.5 out of 5 stars "Michelle made the novel for me. She’s complex, stubborn, damaged, and defiant, but she’s also strong with a sense of fairness that forces her to face her role in the split with Carly... This novel could have been overwhelmingly depressing and dark, yet there’s a sense of lightness and renewal about Michelle’s journey... The novel has many poignant moments, but in the end the strength of both women and their friendship makes for a heartwarming story. There are several discussion questions at the back of the book as well, making this an ideal book for book clubs."

- Reflections on Reading Romance  FULL REVIEW

"Alternately sad, sweet, funny, and heart-wrenching, BAREFOOT SEASON is a must read for fans of women's fiction."

- Maria, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"As they learn to work together or sometimes around each other, we the readers get snapshots of the past and learn what has caused all the angst. Slowly we find out what transpired and with each bit revealed, it seems both Michelle and Carly realize and accept responsibility for their actions...This was a touching tale and I am looking forward to seeing where we go from here."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has once again mastered the challenges of difficult relationships... BAREFOOT SEASON is about reconnecting with that inner child who had the innate ability to see beauty in everything and revel in the joy of dancing barefoot in the grass. Maybe we can't fully return to that wonderful season in our life but we can still acknowledge the beauty of our present and look forward to an even better future."

- Sandra, Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"... blows the lid off of women’s fiction. It's so well written, it's so beautifully painful and well conceived, it's just so realistic without being overly Chick-y, without being overly female, and it's so complex and detailed, it's wondrous... I loved every second of it."

- Romance Books Forum  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery’s many fans will relish this poignant tale of shattered friendships, new loves, overcoming the trauma of war and the enduring power of healing and redemption."

- Portland Book Review

"Barefoot Season explores the boundaries of friendship and family, and the difficulties our soldiers face when there is no longer a war to fight... will stay with readers long after they turn that last page."

- San Francisco Book Review  FULL REVIEW

BAREFOOT SEASON is one of the Top 10 Romances of 2012!

- Apple iBookstore


"Susan Mallery is a master storyteller and Only Us: A Fools Gold Holiday was just the Christmas read I needed to make me feel 'warm and fuzzy'."

- Marilyn's Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"...if you’re looking for a short, and well put together story that ends happy, definitely get your copy of Only Us! You'll love it!"

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"If you are looking for a short and sweet holiday clean romance, this one is for you. It's easy to love the characters, and it got me on the mood to read more of Susan Mallery's books."

- Oh My Books!  FULL REVIEW

"Only Us is short, sweet, romantic and the perfect little story to curl up with as Christmas approaches. I loved it, I really did and I felt it was just a lovely addition to what is a pretty brilliant series."

- Chick Lit Reviews and News  FULL REVIEW

"A sweet, little Holiday read that will warm your heart. A little hot chocolate for the soul, as only Susan Mallery can do!"

- A Tasty Read  FULL REVIEW


"If you want a story that will both tug on your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone, Mallery is the author for you!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Tucker has unseated Josh as my favorite Fool's Gold character. He's charming, funny and at times a bit of smart ass, but someone you fall for... If you want a story where you find yourself laughing out loud, cringing or tearing up at a characters heartbreak, then this is one for you."

- Cocktails and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Only His is one of my favorite Fool’s Gold novels to date (another being the first Fool’s Gold novel Chasing Perfect)... It excites me to know that the author plans to continue on with the Fool’s Gold series."

- The Book Vixen  FULL REVIEW

"Only His was warm, romantic, enjoyable, immensely readable and it was also funny. (Oh God, when Nevada walks in on Denise and Max…) Mallery is an excellent writer, thoroughly skilled at making us love her characters and believe in her stories and at making me want to move to California."

- Chick Lit Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"5 out of 5 stars!!!! Witty, smart, and fun."

- From Me to You  FULL REVIEW

Five Hearts! "Above and beyond the relationship between Nevada and Tucker, Susan Mallery does a fabulous job (as always) of building the side stories and new character development!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Another excellent story in the Fool's Gold series, ONLY HIS will keep readers turning the pages and enjoying this entertaining, romantic tale."

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

"What impressed me: This series gets better and better with each new book. I loved the entire dynamic Tucker and Nevada had going. Their mutual past gets in the way of the present, interfering with both business and prospective love... What disappointed me: Not a thing."

- Reading with Tequila  FULL REVIEW

"I loved the chemistry between [Nevada] and Tucker. It's quite apparent that their past is definitely not as much in the past as they would like. Watching them try to navigate whether to rekindle this relationship or not is a fun, bumpy ride... What I love most about this series is that book after book, each story is so different that you don't feel as if you are reading the same book. Each of the characters that are featured in the books are faced with real-life problems so it's easy to relate to them."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars! "This is my favorite if the 2011 Fool’s Gold books. I fell hard for Tucker. He’s a charmer with a sense of humor... Fool’s Gold has become one of my favorite fictional places, and I look forward to many more visits."

- Just Janga

"You really can’t go wrong with Ms. Mallery’s heartwarming contemporaries... [ONLY HIS is] a fun read that leaves you wanting more, and you will NEVER forget where Tucker proposes."

- Reflections on Reading Romance  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has another hit in the final Fool’s Gold book about the Hendrix triplets... Nevada and Tucker are perfect for each other. The journey of them realizing this is a complete joy to read."

- The Romance Reader  FULL REVIEW


"The youngest of the Hendrix triplets gets her story in the second of the back-to-back releases of a trilogy within Mallery's delightful FG series. Not only does this charming book contain the development of a caring and passionate relationship, but it is also filled with wonderful canine characters. When it comes to heartfelt contemporary romance, Mallery is in a class by herself."

- RT Book Reviews

"An adorable, outspoken heroine and an intense hero in need of emotional healing set the sparks flying in Mallery’s latest lively, comic, and touching family-centered story that is the second tale of the Hendrix triplets but the fifth in her larger “Fool’s Gold” series. Mallery (Only Mine) lives in the Pacific Northwest."

- Library Journal

"[Mallery's] characters are warm and delightful and the antics of these triplet sisters will have you smiling. This is a story about meeting your full potential and learning you are not defined by what you do, but by who you are inside. Don't miss this story or any of the Fool's Gold series. Can't wait for the next one later this year!"

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"It's usually a given that if I read a Susan Mallery novel, I'm in for a treat. Only Yours is perhaps the best story I've ever read by this romance author. I loved every word of Montana and Simon's story."

- Roundtable Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"I love how Susan Mallery spins a tale. She has a way of creating characters that just reach in and tug at your heart strings. I really felt for Simon as his past is revealed and how it effected his life and relationships -- especially as he fought his growing feelings for Montana."

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

"ONLY YOURS is a sexy and cute story... a very good Summer read!"

- Book Lovers Inc.

"This was my first experience with the Fool’s Gold series and what a great experience it was!"

- A Tale of Many Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This book had so many wonderful things going that I don’t really know where to start... This story deals with some pretty dark subjects but it does it in a way that says that we can overcome adversity. [ONLY YOURS] was funny, sad, touching and I can’t wait to read the next one."

- Romance Around the Corner  FULL REVIEW

"[Montana and Simon's] stolen moments were intense and hot and yet they were also few and far between, making them all the more sexy. Also, the way that Montana completed Simon in so many ways was perfect as well. Simon was tortured and broody and angry, but Montana came in and soothed all his rough edges and made him a better man because of it...Mallery continues an incredible series with fun characters with great family dynamics that ensure the reader will be coming back for more."

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars! "Touched my heart... another excellent book in the Fool's Gold series. If you are a fan of Susan Mallery, her latest book will not disappoint you. If you haven't tried Mallery yet, you should, because you are missing out!"

- My Guilty Obsession  FULL REVIEW

"I just love this series, this town and the people that reside in it! Only Yours proved that just when I think I’ve read my favorite in the series, the new one comes out and tops it."

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"Just as every other book in the Fool's gold series this was a fabulous read... A light and funny romantic story with the most beautiful and lovely setting."

- Bookworld Travels  FULL REVIEW

6 out of 5 smirks! "Only Yours by Susan Mallery is an extraordinary story about accepting yourself before accepting love... it is a book you won’t be able to put down and a book you will want to read over and over again."

- A Snarky Space  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery does a wonderful job with this ‘Beauty & the Beast’ inspired story. It’s romantic and realistic and heartwarming and emotional – I loved it despite the fact that I was teary-eyed for a good quarter of the book. Watching the emotionally and physically wounded Simon fall in love with the strong but sensitive Montana was an absolute joy."

- The Brazen Bookworm  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5! "Only Yours is the fifth book in the Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors... my favorite book in the series... They seemed like real people, with real issues, trying their best not to be hurt by life."

- Gone Pecan  FULL REVIEW

"I loved these two together, and the developing secondary romance between the triplets’ mother and Montana’s boss was a wonderful bonus."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

"I found ONLY YOURS to be one of most touching and heart-felt books in the series so far. It was a story of personal growth and selflessness. A Beauty and the Beast type of tale, with the gruff, loner-type doctor meeting the girl with a heart of gold. This book made me laugh and cry, sometimes all at the same time."

- Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books  FULL REVIEW

"Great characters, a lovely plot, some beautiful dogs (I loved the dogs!), a brilliant setting… It all added up to a read I loved."

- Chick Lit Reviews and News  FULL REVIEW

"Oh, this one really grabbed me from start to finish. I loved the hero of the story from the very beginning... Doctor Simon Bradley who is a surgeon and a burn specialist is visiting Fool’s Gold for a short period of time. He’s very serious and very dedicated... So when Montana Hendrix of the infamous Hendrix Triplets barges into his division of the hospital whilst trying to reclaim a very energetic golden retriever puppy who got off her leash, she’s the last thing that Simon would have welcomed into his life."


"I might be biased because this story involves dogs and I just got a new puppy myself, but I think Montana's story might be my favorite of the three triplets'... I really loved this story - the heat is intense between Simon and Montana, partly because Simon is so resistant."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW


Booklist has named ONLY MINE one of the Top 10 Romances of 2011. Susan's books have been named to this prestigious list four of the past five years! "Once again, Mallery (Finding Perfect, 2010; Chasing Perfect, 2010; Almost Perfect, 2010) excels at creating varied, well-developed characters and an emotion-packed story gently infused with her trademark wit and humor."

- Booklist  FULL REVIEW

"Spicy love scenes and heart-tugging plot twists will keep the pages turning and leave readers ready for two future Fool's Gold novels starring Dakota's sisters."

- Shelf Awareness  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery gives us another poignant, sexy romance with some unique subplots, great sarcastic humor, and fascinating characters...ONLY MINE is a captivating story that you can't put down. It's a tale about letting go of those you love and letting them find their own way. Another great read in Mallery's Fool's Gold series."

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"An incredibly enjoyable read! Only Mine is a story of love and the importance of valuing that which matters most in life... Take a trip to Fool’s Gold and discover a wonderful town rich with love & hope."

- Chick Lit Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Fool's Gold is an adorable small town where the people are friendly and are there for each other. Susan Mallery's series is a heart-warming, light, feel-good, sweet and fun contemporary romance series I'm sure all small town romance lovers will enjoy."

- Ex Libris  FULL REVIEW

This review is for the Fool's Gold series.

"Set in the fictitious community of Fool's Gold, Calif., Susan Mallery invites readers to a quirky little town with its equally quirky, but loveable, characters. The first book in the series, 'Chasing Perfect,' introduces an ongoing problem in town – a man shortage. But as we learn through the three books currently published (with three more titles in the series headed to bookstores in July, August and September) there is plenty of romance to be found in Fool's Gold. Escapist reading fans will appreciate that each book in the series wraps up a happily ever after for its main characters."

- Raising Maine  FULL REVIEW

"The conversation of the characters sparkles. It is funny and realistic, and the characters are very likeable, making readers want to know more about them. They have their problems to contend with, but manage to keep their lives interesting and fun."

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

"Only Mine is a story that touches your heart and your funny-bone at the same time... I cannot wait to see who is next in line for the series as I have fallen hard and fast for the sensational town of Fool's Gold and all of its inhabitants."

- Coffee Time Romance  FULL REVIEW

"I loved every minute of Only Mine and I even shed a tear or two... if you have not read a book by Susan Mallery, go pick one up! It only takes one and I promise you will find yourself picking up every book she has ever written. Susan Mallery's books are entertaining, fast reads and will leave your stomach full of butterflies. You will love them!"

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"I'm seriously in love with the [Fool's Gold] series... ONLY MINE shows us that sometimes we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for, and that miracles still do happen."

- Words Are Things  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 smirks! "ONLY MINE draws readers in with true emotion and tons of heart...a must read!"

- A Snarky Space  FULL REVIEW

"ONLY MINE is a story filled with with Mallerys trademark warmth, humor and love."

- Under the Covers  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery does it again and brings her readers something new and refreshing in this wonderful town she has created... You will laugh, cry, and love right along Dakota, Finn, and the residents of Fool’s Gold."

- Bookchelle  FULL REVIEW

"Fabulous! ... While this book is part of a Fool's Gold series, it can be read as a stand alone without the need to read previous books. If you love books with HEAs and you love Mallery, this is definitely the book for you."

- Nocturne Romance Reads  FULL REVIEW

"I love this series... Susan Mallery has made me a contemporary romance believer!

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"This was one of those books that was simply fun to read. Good drama, fun romance, and a few surprises and laughs along the way. I am looking forward to the next two books in the series."

- Smitten with Reading  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery is back with another stellar contemporary romance filled with passion, love and a sense of community. I love the Fool’s Gold cast of characters and was happy with these additions. I can’t want to see what is in store for us with the other Hendrix triplets. Mallery fans will not be disappointed!"

- The Book Pushers  FULL REVIEW

"Only Mine by Susan Mallery is a heartwarming tale that overflows with humor, close family ties and a love so sweet it will take your breath away... Fans will be enchanted with this latest installment of the Fool’s Gold series. "

- The Readers Roundtable  FULL REVIEW

A+! "To put it mildly, I loved Only Mine. I loved it so much that I snuck it to my desk, and when I reached the 70% mark on my Kindle, that night I kept dreaming that I had to get up and finish the book... I urge everyone else to pick up Only Mine as well. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Book Lurve  FULL REVIEW

"Only Mine guarantees that Mallery will continue to be one of the most successful authors in contemporary romance/women’s fiction."

- The Brazen Bookworm  FULL REVIEW

"Superb! ...a funny and sweet romance."

- As I Turn the Pages  FULL REVIEW

"I am hooked on the Fool’s Gold series... Dakota is all that I hoped she would be as a heroine—strong, vulnerable, and sunny despite some real problems. Mallery does a superb job of creating a modern young woman who is close to her family, relies on them for support, and encouragement, but has her own life and makes her own decisions."

- The Romance Dish  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery’s books always have a perfect blend of fun and wit with romance and emotion. A suggestion; if you can’t live in Fool’s Gold, at least visit…"

- Once Upon a Romance  FULL REVIEW

"If you like the Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs or the Virgin River series by Robin Carr you will love this series."

- The Reading Frenzy  FULL REVIEW

"Light and flirty and fun!"

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

"Only Mine is fabulous and everything you would expect from Susan Mallery and more... While this book is part of a Fool's Gold series, it can be read as a stand alone without the need to read previous books."

- Nocturne Romance Reads  FULL REVIEW

"Verdict: Fool's Gold is an adorable small town where the people are friendly and are there for each other. Susan Mallery's series is a heart-warming, light, feel-good, sweet and fun contemporary romance series I'm sure all small town romance lovers will enjoy."

- Stella Ex-Libris  FULL REVIEW

"ONLY MINE is a quirky, touching, sexy tale of learning to let go and move on with life. Both Dakota and Finn had tragedy in their past, but were able to finally move past their losses and into each others arms. This book both broke my heart, and put it back together all in one book. This sweet book is a must read for any contemporary romance readers or Susan Mallery fans!"

- Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books  FULL REVIEW

"Why do I love “Only Mine” and every book I’ve ever read by Susan Mallery? Her uncanny ability to create real characters normal people can identify with."

- Curvy Writer  FULL REVIEW


"Mallery sets up some very tough choices for her heroine, making this book compelling and intense."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Seashells! "The characters in Finding Perfect are flawed and vulnerable, yet lovable. They’re trying to better themselves and learn from their mistakes as they struggle to listen to their hearts instead of their head. Pia, Raoul and Peter simply leap off the pages and that’s a testament to Ms. Mallery’s writing skills. The dialogue is crisp and believable as each word flows smoothly over the page"

- AJ at Readers Roundtable  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery is a master at what she does... 5 stars out 5...and a definite Good Choice for Reading."

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"If you enjoy light, contemporary romances with great characters and a wonderful small town then you will enjoy this book. I definitely recommend this book and this series."

- The Book Binge  FULL REVIEW

"...funny, and romantic, and sad - it's a wonderful book."

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has done another fantastic job... As with the other Fool's Gold stories, this one will melt your heart!"

- We Write Romance  FULL REVIEW

Best Books of 2010! Finding Perfect was selected by Amazon editors as one of the Top Ten Romance Novels of 2010.

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has done another fantastic job continuing her Fool’s Gold series with Pia O’Brian’s journey into love with retired football player, Raoul Moreno in Finding Perfect!"

- We Write Romance  FULL REVIEW

"Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery was an incredibly sweet read for me."

- Joyfully Reviewed  FULL REVIEW

"...a very sweet and uplifting story... I really do love this town!"

- Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books  FULL REVIEW


"...the author tackles important themes with an abundance of warmth, caring and romantic passion. Guaranteed to touch your heart!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

" emotional story with a beautiful happy ending! Another must read By Susan Mallery."

- Good Choice Reading  FULL REVIEW

"No one writes a love story like author Susan Mallery... a 'perfect romance!'"

- Marilyn's Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"An emotional journey of rekindling love and finding a new life in a town she thought she’d left behind…Susan Mallery has penned a charming tale with ALMOST PERFECT that I found hard to put down, and I can’t wait to return to Fool’s Gold for more.”

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

ALMOST PERFECT has been selected by a group of Fresh Fiction readers as a Fresh Pick for January 2011!

- Fresh Fiction Readers  FULL REVIEW

"Almost Perfect had me Almost Crying throughout the whole book... I’m mom and that may have led to this book resonating with me on so many levels... I thought Liz was a GREAT mom to Tyler and I really loved her character."

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"I loved all the interactions between Liz and Ethan. They are emotionally charged and, while the spark is there from the onset, it's fun watching the journey to their HEA. I also found the interactions between Liz and her nieces to be quite heartwarming. Those girls were able to really get under Liz's skin at times, causing her to see things more clearly."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW


The book brims with quick-witted, good-natured characters... [the] romance grows poignantly and with chemistry to spare.

- Publishers Weekly

"Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery was my first taste of adult contemporary romance and BOY was that fun! I'm SO GLAD I picked this book to start with because 1) it was perfect 2) I can't wait to spend time with the rest of this series and 3) I WANT MORE books like this."

- Into the Hall of Books  FULL REVIEW

"I found just what I was looking for in Chasing Perfect. [Fool's Gold] is charming and chock full of wonderful characters."

- My Book Addiction  FULL REVIEW

“Warm, funny, and sexy, this lighthearted yet touching page-turner is a satisfying, rewarding read and the ‘perfect’ beginning for Mallery's Fool's Gold series."

- Library Journal  FULL REVIEW

“Consistently dazzling, Mallery is sure to delight her fans with the launch of a new series set in the small foothill community of Fool's Gold, Calif.”

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

“A thoughtful and funny small town romance.”

- Buried by Books  FULL REVIEW

“An enjoyable, easy read about friendships, small town support, and falling in love.”

- This Blonde Reads  FULL REVIEW

"CHASING PERFECT has a perfect blend of humor, romance, and even a bit of a mystery. I do believe that like me, you'll be enjoying your time in Fool's Gold, and be ready for more."

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"What completely won me over with this book was the town and its residents. Oh, and Josh Golden...but back to the town for now. I really felt like I was a part of it, like I grew up there, too. Which is weird because I grew up in the fourth largest city in the US, so there’s no way I could relate. Except maybe it’s because of that that I felt myself wishing I lived there.... I devoured Chasing Perfect. It was just what I needed: a happy romance. I believe I have found a new favorite author in Susan Mallery."

- Gone with the Words  FULL REVIEW

"I finished Chasing Perfect in one day…. I was up until past midnight, because I could not put the book down… I don’t know what I was thinking by taking so long to start reading this series. I’m a huge fan of the city and citizens of Virgin River, CA (Robyn Carr). I am now also a huge fan of the city and citizens of Fool’s Gold, CA."

- Read Your Writes  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for ALREADY HOME

"This poignant tale of family dynamics, the jarring impact of change, and eventual acceptance and healing is sure to please Mallery's many, devoted fans."

- Booklist

"[A] very insightful story... a must-buy for sure! ... great for you fiction fans & book reader groups."

- Sue Grimshaw, Borders Books  FULL REVIEW

"If you like a story that will make you laugh, cry, get a little angry, and leave you feeling hopeful then ALREADY HOME is the book for you!"

- Geeky Blogger's Book Blog  FULL REVIEW

"One of the best books I've read this year!"

- Roundtable Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"A delightful story about turning your life around..."

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A "A heart-warming story of finding oneself and along the way also discovering an extended family."

- The Book Reading Gals  FULL REVIEW

"A wonderful story, very heartening. I laugh, I cried, it kept me glued to my seat, and after reading it I feel the need to recommend it to everyone."

- Romance Around the Corner  FULL REVIEW

"Like the main character, Jenna, I too was thrown a curve ball when my biological family suddenly showed up out of nowhere...Mallery nails the turmoil of the situation.... All of which make for a great tear jerker mixed with humor, a bit of danger, a pinch of heat, and a lesson in opening up to all the possibilities."

- Everybody Needs a Little Romance  FULL REVIEW

"I’m a big fan of Susan Mallery’s work... Already Home is the kind of story you want to dig into and hope you find yourself on a train that gets stuck between stations allowing you more time to read."

- Maria Lokken, award winning television producer  FULL REVIEW

5 Stars, Top Pick! "Warm, snappy dialog...signature Susan Mallery. Every member of the cast of this story has amazing depth and charisma. This is one of my favorites of hers to date and is sure to be yours."

- Night Owl Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"...a heartwarming, emotional, pleasurable read...a keeper!"

- Long and Short Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has written a book with an emotional impact, one that stays with you long after you close the last page..."

- All about Romance  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery once again tugs on the heartstrings."

- Romance Junkies Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Mallery’s culinary tale is a mélange of wit, drama, family and emotion... Ellington’s a doll. Violet’s a pistol. And Jenna is a very lucky woman. A delightful springtime read.


"It’s powerful enough to tug at your heartstrings and bring a tear to your eye, yet it’s laced with humor and above all hope."

- Girls Just Reading  FULL REVIEW

"...a very well-written, emotion-packed story."

- Bookwormy Girl  FULL REVIEW

"Already Home is like a slice of warm, apple pie…tasty and satisfying!"

- Chery's Book Nook  FULL REVIEW

"If you love a good, emotional, heartwarming tale, then grab yourself a copy of ALREADY HOME."

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

"Already Home is the perfect character-driven novel."

- 5 Minutes for Books  FULL REVIEW

"Already Home is a book about families, mothers and daughters especially and the bond shared no matter the circumstance. A truly beautiful book!"

- A Novel Source  FULL REVIEW

"Filled with interesting characters and complex family relationships, Already Home is a touching story about one woman and her quest to find her place in her family and in the world."

- The Book Chick  FULL REVIEW

Five stars! "Susan Mallery fans have got to be happy with her lastest engaging novel, Already Home, a bittersweet tale of love and loss and learning to love again. This book will grab at your heartstrings and tug--hard."

- Babes in Bookland  FULL REVIEW

Grade: A!

- Hott Books  FULL REVIEW

"Have a box of Kleenex and a stash of chocolate handy!"

- Romancing the Book  FULL REVIEW

5 out of 5 stars! "I adored Already Home by Susan Mallery... definitely one to put on your to-read lists!"

- Chick Lit Plus  FULL REVIEW

"Pick this one up. You’ll love it! Just make sure you have some kleenex handy."

- Cocktails and Books  FULL REVIEW

"Mallery's characters sparkle... a novel filled with laughter, tears, and love... Read this one when you want to see good women triumph."

- Lesa's Book Critiques  FULL REVIEW

"Already Home is a perfect example of why Susan Mallery is one of the most popular writers of contemporary women’s fiction. Mallery excels at creating strong, relatable female characters – her heroines juggle commitments to family, relationships, career and life, and do it with humor and grace."

- The Brazen Bookworm  FULL REVIEW

"ALREADY HOME is all about Jenna reluctantly getting to know her birth parents, as well as herself, better. It's about family and how much love there is to go around... Susan Mallery handled the touchy subjects of adoption, birth parents, spousal abuse and physical abuse with care while keeping the storyline light and fast-paced. I read this book in a day, staying up late into the night to finish it, laughing and crying throughout."

- Always with a book  FULL REVIEW

"A satisfying blend of women’s fiction and romance, readers of romance novels and readers of women's fiction should find much to like in Already Home. Mallery has written another winner - and those good mothers make it even better."

- Just Janga  FULL REVIEW

"An unforgettable journey of life, love, and family."

- Valia Lind  FULL REVIEW

"Couldn't put it down! Have your tissues ready- you will need them."

- Sharon Redfern, Rockville Public Library  FULL REVIEW

"Already Home was a realistic portrayal of women and the realities we face with friendship and family at its root. I look forward to reading many more books from Susan Mallery."

- Amused by Books  FULL REVIEW

"Whenever I read Susan Mallery, I know I’m getting a great romance. But with Already Home, I got something more. With this I got to witness the dynamic relationship between women... This is one I definitely recommend for reading again and again."

- Book Obsessed  FULL REVIEW


"Susan Mallery pens a romantic tale of rediscovering life in Coming Unraveled... These three charming stories of young ladies trying to put their lives back together are very uplifting and inspiring. You are sure to enjoy each of these romantic tales."

- Fresh Fiction  FULL REVIEW

"“This uplifting anthology… will warm readers’ hearts.”

- Publishers Weekly  FULL REVIEW

"Coming Unraveled is pure romance and an utterly captivating love story."

- Readers' Roundtable  FULL REVIEW


"My first experience with Susan Mallery certainly turned out to be a delightful one...I enjoyed every minute of Haley and Kevin’s journey towards happily-ever-after."

- Maldivian Book Reviewer  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "When you think of passion, drama and heartwarming stories, think Susan Mallery. As always, she delivers a top-notch story."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


Susan Mallery writes with emotional mastery.


"THE BEST OF FRIENDS is Susan Mallery at the peak of her writing...Complex and creative and definitely addictive, THE BEST OF FRIENDS is an intriguing read that will smash your concept of family and friendship."

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick 5 of 5 stars, Top Pick! "One of the most charming and captivating books that I’ve read this year!"

- Night Owl Reviews (Maria)  FULL REVIEW

4.5 Roses! "Riveting!"

- A Romance Review  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for HOT ON HER HEELS

“Mallery fits moments of extreme passion into a suspenseful story of family and deceit in the fourth installment in her captivating Titan series.”

- Booklist  FULL REVIEW

“When they spar, it's a refreshing battle between two equal and fast-thinking minds…this glimpse into glitzy Texas high society and the dark underbelly of business is a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

- Publishers Weekly

4.5 stars TOP PICK! “The final chapter in Mallery’s series featuring the Titan sisters wraps up in splendid style as the bonds of family are tested to the max. As demonstrated in this compelling story, family doesn’t have to share blood, just emotions. Filled with emotional drama, devastating treachery and the power of love, this finale will delight fans.”

- Romantic Times  FULL REVIEW

“10 out of 10. A must read for fans of the series!”

- Eye on Romance  FULL REVIEW


“One of the Top 10 Romance Novels of 2009!”

NOTE: Susan was the only author to appear on Booklist’s Top 10 Romance Novel  in 2007, 2008, and 2009 consecutively.

- Booklist  FULL REVIEW

“…my heart opened up and fell in love.”

- Coffee Time Romance

“A truly lovely romance.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

"Susan Mallery has delivered a wonderfully exhilarating story!"

- Manic Readers  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Snappy dialogue is something Mallery excels at, and considering the heroine's testy frame of mind, it can be humorous. Mallery never disappoints!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

- RomCon Readers

Reviews for LIP SERVICE


- Coffee Time Romance

“Fast paced writing and compelling characters… a story that will hold your interest and is guaranteed to have you sneaking in a few chapters whenever you get a few minutes.”

- Romance Reviews Today  FULL REVIEW

“An amazing cast of characters and an extremely powerful and potent love story as only Susan Mallery can write!”

- Marilyn’s Romance Reviews

“I absolutely love sitting down with a Mallery novel.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

"The follow-up to last month's Under Her Skin fleshes out the family dynamics and re-introduces lost loves ... Mallery breathes real life into these former lovers hoping for a second chance."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for UNDER HER SKIN

“A fabulous novel with a sexy plot and characters that are great fun to read about.“

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

“Amazing – full of passion, family secrets and very emotional.”

- Pink Hearts Society Reviews

"Susan Mallery has delivered a fun and exciting beginning to what I believe is going to be one great new series."

- Manic Readers  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "One of the genre's brightest stars launches a new series in which parental love, or the lack thereof, is a major theme. As these reunited protagonists struggle emotionally, Mallery's characters are as vivid and real as always, which makes her stories emotionally satisfying. Don't miss out!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

On the Lone Star Sisters series: "A powerful statement on family - what it is and what it means."

- Lucile Nelson, Librarian  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for SUNSET BAY

“A very satisfying read!”

- Romance Novel TV

“A trip worth taking.”

- The Romance Reader

“A perfect 10! SUNSET BAY is a MUST READ”

- Romance Reviews Today

“Susan Mallery is one of my all time favorites.”

- Randi Romance Reader

“SUNSET BAY is a beautifully written story filled with emotional twists.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

“Poignant, evocative and affirming.”

- Romance Reader at Heart

“I was personally blown away and cried my heart out!”

- Pink Heart Society Reviews

4.5 stars! "This heartwarming novel about family connections, love and following your dreams perfectly shows off Mallery's beautiful writing. It will evoke emotions from tears to laughter. Fans won't be able to put this one down."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

- RomCon Readers


“One of my all time favorite Romances... I fell for Gracie, and think that any reader of Romance should have this as a must read!”

- Novel Reads

“Mallery's wit and wisdom are pitch-perfect as usual.... An RT Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee!”

- Romantic Times Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

“Filled with humor, warmth and strong characters.”

- Contemporary Romance Writers

"Susan Mallery really is a small-town romance goddess... Falling for Gracie was a great example of everything there is to love about Susan Mallery romances. "

- Cheeky Reads  FULL REVIEW


“A great conclusion to Mallery's [Bakery Sisters] trilogy!”

- Romance Reader at Heart

“If you haven't discovered the Bakery Sisters trilogy: SWEET TALK, SWEET SPOT, and now SWEET TROUBLE, put them on your list for must reading! Highly recommended!”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

“It’s official. Susan Mallery hit a triple with SWEET TROUBLE, the final book in her ‘Sweet’ trilogy.”

- Queue My Review

“A fascinating look at the family dynamics of a troubled trio of girls.”

- Romance Reviews Today

“Sweet Trouble is a well written book about reestablishing relationships – family and romantic – as well as finding your way home.”

- The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

"Old ghosts come back to haunt in the satisfying conclusion to Mallery's tough and tender Sweet trilogy ... This author knows drama!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for SWEET SPOT

“One of my favorites… I was genuinely sad when the book ended.”

- All About Romance

“I strongly recommend Sweet Spot, especially to readers who like their family melodramas spiked with lots of laughter and hot romance.”

- The Romance Reader

“Grade: A...All romance lovers should read this book.”

- The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

“SWEET SPOT definitely hits the spot… Susan Mallery is one of the best contemporary romance authors writing today.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Mallery is in top-notch form as she takes troubled and stubborn individuals and portrays their emotional growth. Drama and trauma abound in this winner!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Best Books of 2008! Sweet Spot was selected by the editors at Amazon as one of the Top 10 Romance Novels of 2008!

- Amazon Editors  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for SWEET TALK

“A sweet story with real characters and real situations...a really strong story.”

- All About Romance Reviews

“Susan Mallery has whipped up a cast of fun, eccentric characters who will keep readers turning the pages.”

- Romance Reviews Today

“Romantic, daring, and hopeful... Sweet Talk is definitely a winner.”

- Single Titles  FULL REVIEW

“A fun, emotional, and sexy read.”

- Dear Author  FULL REVIEW

“Warm and likable characters…This book is a must if you’re a fan of Ms. Mallery.”

- The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

“SWEET TALK is one sweet read! Susan Mallery delivers a deliciously satisfying first book in her new wonderfully written Bakery Sisters trilogy.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "In one of her most emotionally tough books to date, Mallery weaves her usual magic and creates a vibrant and realistic love story."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


 “An uplifting tale that will bring readers to tears…a gem of a novel.”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

"...[a] charming and entertaining romance.

- Marilyn's Romance Reviews  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "Mallery's books are always emotional gems, but this particular character's unwavering belief in the power of hope and love is especially inspirational. If you're looking for heart-tugging emotions elaborately laced with humor, then Mallery is the author for you. Break out the Kleenex!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"I loved this book... Susan Mallery is a new-to-me author, but after this book, I will definitely be reading more."

- ParaNormal Romance  FULL REVIEW

"This novel combines witty dialogue, romance and humor to tell a heart-tugging story of survival, with a mother's undying love at the forefront."

- Always with a Book  FULL REVIEW

"Leaving behind her more carefree stories, Susan Mallery has written a book with an emotional impact, one that stays with you long after you close the last page of the book."

- All about Romance  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for TEMPTING

4.5 stars! "With emotional punch and sexy flair, Mallery concludes her highly regarded Buchanan family saga. The complex characters have all undergone major evolutions over the course of the series, and Mallery wraps things up on an emotional high note."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Five hearts! "Susan Mallery is my go-to for contemporary romance novels! I adore her writing, and have yet to meet a character/story I don't just adore!"

- For Love and Books  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for SIZZLING

“SIZZLING is simply dazzling!...Susan Mallery is an author not to be missed!”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

4.5 stars! "No one packs more emotional punch and humor into a story than Mallery ... Another terrific chapter in the warm and powerful Buchanan family saga!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "Mallery does her usual excellent job of taking characters with issues and making them riveting. This second Buchanan book will make readers hungry for the next chapter of this twisty family drama."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for DELICIOUS

4.5 stars! "Using her patented blend of wit and humor, Mallery explores deeply complicated family relationships that are laced with love and loss. Outstanding!"

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"This was a great quick and sexy read. I enjoyed the characters and the story lines. Anyone who has enjoyed Mallery’s other series or likes Lori Foster should definitely check this series out."

- Candy, So Many Reads  FULL REVIEW


“Funny and dripping with the heat  between Rafael and Mia, THE MARCELLI PRINCESS proves yet again that Susan  Mallery's an author that must be on everyone's Favorite Authors'  List!”

- The Romance Readers Connection  FULL REVIEW

"Longtime readers will be thrilled to catch up with the whole Marcelli clan and see Mia finally come into her own in this series finale. This family drama has been heartwarming and filled with complex emotions."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "Although humor is one of Mallery's biggest strengths, the deep resonance of her dramatic storytelling is a close second. The highs and lows of the Marcelli family saga have made this series extremely compelling and quite unforgettable."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "THE SEDUCTIVE ONE rounds out Mallery's affectionate and emotional trilogy charting the lives and loves of the Marcelli sisters. Reading a Susan Mallery book is always a marvelous experience."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for THE SASSY ONE

4.5 stars! "Life is not going smoothly for the complex Marcelli family in Book 2 of this heartwarming trilogy, which hits the emotional bull's-eye. Sam and Francesca have a lot to deal with in a very short time, and Mallery gives a poignant resonance to their romantic and familial issues."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "A sparkling gem, indeed! Susan Mallery shows off her storytelling talent and introduces readers to a warm and passionate family. THE SPARKLING ONE kicks off a terrific trilogy about the exploits of the Marcelli daughters."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW


4.5 stars! "Prolific and popular series author Susan Mallery makes a much anticipated mainstream debut with this gem. Dig out your wallets! The humor, warmth and rich characterizations make this a must read book."

- RT Book Reviews  FULL REVIEW

"Another great read by a fabulous author who never lets me down!"

- Overstuffed Bookshelf  FULL REVIEW

Reviews for ONE IN A MILLION

5 Stars "Fantastic book."