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Susan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling authorSusan Mallery, #1 NY Times bestselling author

Dear Reader,

Last week, I started a new book—the second book of the Happily Inc series, which will debut next year. The first three Happily Inc heroes will be Nick, Mathias, and Ronan Mitchell of Fool’s Gold.

But, we’re not quite done with Fool’s Gold yet. A Kiss in the Snow will be out on October 1 as an ebook novella. For those of you who prefer print books, A Kiss in the Snow will be the bonus novella that comes with the paperback edition of Marry Me at Christmas on October 25. Nancee Smith, Gladys’s great-niece, moves to Fool’s Gold in disgrace, and reunites with the love of her life.


Introducing my first ever Reader of the Month, Lisa Murray! Lisa started reading romance in 1974 when she was in the 7th grade, and she still loves reading now, as the grandmother of eight. (Wow!) Lisa won the backlist book of her choice, plus the opportunity to ask me three questions.

Visit to learn more about Lisa, find out what book she chose, watch the video in which I answer her questions, and sign up for a chance to be October’s Reader of the Month!


I'll have four brand new books out in 2017, starting with A Million Little Things (Mischief Bay book 3) in March. Fans of The Girls of Mischief Bay will be excited to hear that Pam is one of the main characters of A Million Little Things. I just love her, and it was a true pleasure to bring her the happiness she deserves.

In mid-July, I'll release The Secrets of the Tulip Sisters in hardcover, ebook, and audio. This book is a standalone romance-plus, with three intersecting romantic storylines. Kelly and Olivia Murphy were raised on a tulip farm in Washington State. Their mother's abandonment when they were young still has repercussions today. Now in their twenties, the sisters reunite this summer, and all of their secrets come out.

September is going to be a big month in Susan Mallery land, because that’s when I’m launching Happily Inc, which I just know all of my Fool's Gold fans are going to absolutely LOVE! I usually hedge my bets by saying something like, "I hope you love it as much as I do," but in this case, I’m confident you're going to go wild for Happily Inc, which is just as quirky as Fool's Gold, and just as close-knit, but in a whole new way. You Say It First and Second-Chance Girl will be out in September and October respectively, your chance to get in on my new long-running series right from the very start.

To celebrate the debut of Happily Inc, I’ll host a reader party in Fort Worth, Texas on September 30, 2017. It's going to be a blast! And yes, I started planning it more than a year early. (With as many books as I write, I have to be organized.) We have lots of fun activities planned and a terrific venue already booked. Every reader who attends will receive a signed copy of Second-Chance Girl, plus a great swag bag and lunch, and I'll be giving away a ton of prizes, too, including the opportunity to have dinner with me. I can't wait to spend the day with the best readers in the world! Keep an eye on future newsletters for more details on how to sign up. For now, just save the date.

With love,
read. laugh. love.

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